Opinion on Fantasy Stories

Do any of u guys like reading fantasy stories? because i have an idea for one but i’m not sure if a lot ppl enjoy fantasy. idk. it just seems like an underrated genre.


I do!! They can be interesting just make sure they aren’t too cliché

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for sure. i’m trying to steer away from the basic vampire and werewolf cliches. i have a basic idea i just wanted to see if ppl enjoyed fantasy cause it seems underrated compared to romance and drama.

I actually really enjoy fantasy. :grin: It’s definitely underrated. It’s just a shame there isn’t a lot of variety within the genre, at least on episode.
I don’t mind the vampire cliche (only because I was a twi-hard when I was younger… we don’t talk about that), but I don’t understand the whole werewolf thing. I’m not saying those stories are bad, they’ve just never been my cup of tea. I find them kinda creepy tbh. :woman_shrugging:
I LOVE medieval fantasy. The Ruby Tiara has me hooked on it. :revolving_hearts: I’ve been scouring the fantasy section for something similar, but it’s overrun with alpha this and vampire that… it’d be cool if more people decided branch away from those cliches. Werewolves and vampires are like the bad boys of fantasy lol. Too many of them!


You will find an audience who loves reading fantasy, just like with any other genre (Episode includes the fantasy genre, does it not? And other genres as well for readers to choose the one that appeals to them the most and read from there-also they can try a variety of genres)-don’t assume that people don’t enjoy fantasy, they do. And honestly, you should write a story you are passionate about, not one which will give you the most reads. If a genre was underrated but I wanted to write a story with those elements in it, I wouldn’t let anything hold me back. I’d enjoy every minute of writing XD

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Fantasy is probably my favourite genre :joy: Let me know when you publish, I’ll definitely read it!

Write what you want (as long as it’s within guidelines). Reads are important, but I think it wold make you more happy as an author.

Plus, to increase the diversity of stories on this app and to deviate from the godawful Trending Section, we need people like you being brave to write something that deviates from the Episode “norm”. (I cringed a little when I referred to Episode’s norm).


I love a good fantasy story! :smile: And honestly, it’s not an underrated genre (honestly don’t know why anyone labels it as such). It’s one of the most overrated on the app after the romance genre (and maybe comedy). But it’s important to think about your own reasons for why you want to write this story, aside from the people who will read it. You need to have fun writing it, otherwise it’ll take a toll on your creativity and translate into your work.

If you’re writing about royalty, an arranged marriage, a rebellious princess, etc, try to write it while steering away from what’s already been done over and over. Tropes are alright, clichés aren’t.

Good luck with your story, I’m sure you’ll find people who’ll enjoy it! Whether they’re few or many, it doesn’t really matter here :blush:

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres! The amount of world building it takes to grasp a reader’s attention is shocking, and I have a newfound respect for anyone who manages it. Of course, cliches exist in every genre and fantasy is no exception. It’s okay to use them, but just make sure you insert your own, original twist into it.

Even if fantasy doesn’t appeal to some people, if you truly love your story idea, I encourage you to still write it because there are going to be readers who adore it.

I love fantasy :heart_eyes: Go for it!

Girl go for it, we need something new to spice our lives up.