Opinion on gem choices

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This has DEFINITELY been talked about before but I want to share my opinion on it.

To make a long story short: Read the title.

There are way too many gem choices in most of the popular episodes. I guess this makes sense because Episode is promoting the stories that’ll get them the most money. Plus, when you want to monetize a story, you have to get a bunch of people to use gem choices on it. But the gem choices are way overkill!
The gem choices are literally like:
:gem: 1000000000000000 gems: Kiss the guy and hug your friend while wearing a beautiful outfit created by your idol fashion designer while in a penthouse suite!
Free: Yell at and insult your friend, fart on your boyfriend and wear old dumpster sweats while in your weird-smelling rat-infested room in the dusty attic

I have had a bunch of good stories ruined after they started adding gems every 2 choices. Plus, they don’t use a forgiving amount of gems, like 10 or less. They literally use 35 gems for a simple choice!
:gem: 35 gems: Smile at your mother-in-law
Free: Burp and trip over her dress

I really want the writers to go easy on the gems. I feel like it would improve the stories so much.

If you’re an aspiring creator, I just want to say that it’s fine to add gem choices. But the stories would be improved so much if you didn’t add too many, like no more than 2 - 3 per episode. Try to make the gem choices less expensive too, like 10 gems instead of 25.

Feel free to share your opinion too!


I agree! I have gem choices in my story (1-2 MAX 3 per chapter) and they vary from 5 gems to like 18. Plus they are kind of extra scenes. You are going to kiss the LI regardless of gems I mean c’mon!
Mines are like to receive extra advice for competitions, over hear convos etc

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I honestly hate gem choice’s because it’s so hard to earn and each chapter you need to spend for good options. Also when you first get the app you have to read the gem choice stories that’s why I hate getting a new phone.

There was a gem requirement for the latest contest entry, and I just made everything cost 5 gems (the cheapest option) because they’re almost all bonus content and it’s a 3-episode story. Even 5 gems seems expensive when you add it up.

Episode Original gem choices are :cat_shocked:


seriously tho, it feels like they’re making fun of us

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