Opinion on love interest preference?


Do readers prefer storytelling that focuses on one person, or do they prefer to have choices?

I am a journalist, so I write for a living, but I’ve never done something like this. It’s been a dream of mine for the past 10 years to write a story about the emotional summer I had after my college graduation. Long story short, I was friends with two guys. One was a sweetheart, nice guy type, and the other was aloof, but I had a huge crush on him. You see this trope in Japanese Manga a lot, but in my case, it wasn’t a love triangle. The nice guy wasn’t in love with me. He was just really loyal.

I am wondering if it is better to keep the story genuine, so that the reader can feel the real heartbreak of an unrequited crush (and the suspense of wondering if it will change), or whether I should give the reader the choice to go after the nice guy friend if they want.


IMO, im tired of seeing multiple love interests where one of them treats the MC like shit and the other one treats her like an angel. I think if you add multiple love interests where they BOTH treat her like an angel, then I would read it. I’m just tired of bad boy vs good boy stories .


I love a focus on one person- it’s honestly so much more realistic.


Agreed. It would be nice to do something different. Interestingly, this story has a dramatic, non-love subplot that I think will be different than anything people have read before.

Do you think readers would be pissed if the MC didn’t end up with anyone at the end?


Thanks. I’ll let you guys know when I publish it. I have 7 chapters done but it’s my first story and I’d like it to be mostly complete before it goes live.


Yeah honestly I would kinda be pretty mad lol, IMO I prefer one love interest because I swear no one has a story where there’s only 1, so you’ll definitely be ahead of the game with 1 love interest :joy::slight_smile:️. If you do include 2 interests then I think you should give people the option to choose from being single, go with the love interest 1 or love interest 2.


What I have now is that the conversation comes up, but they both laugh about it and share a sweet and funny moment (re:nice guy).

Technically, they were both nice. One was just more distant.


I kinda like your original idea tbh, but I would stick with the one love interest or ending up single. Like @brvnda said, it’s getting a bit boring with the whole bad boy thing. I guess it depends on how you write it and what the characters are like :slightly_smiling_face:


I like only 1 love interest stories which doesn’t seem to be a very common thing from what I’ve read :thinking:. As a writer it’s also easier to write lol. It takes long enough for me to write as it is. I couldn’t imagine having to write 2+ stories to include each love interest. I like being able to focus on just 1 love interest, really going into their personality and the types of things they do. Without having to shift focus constantly onto other people.

I like the concept of your story. I think a lot of readers would be upset with ending up alone so maybe make a choice at the end? That way you can write the ending you want plus a little something to please the others.


Yep, in my story I only have 1 because I know having 2 would be waaay too much branching and I want to only focus on ONE love interest not 2 or more :joy::joy:


I think it’s generally more realistic for there to be one singular love interest in a story. It also works better, if you are starting out directing, too. Then, there won’t be inconsistencies within the story, where the MC is constantly going back and forth between the two love interests, without any regard for who the reader likes more. But, love triangles probably appeal more to the target demographic of Episode, so you may want to go that way, but, It’s really your decision :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, may I recommend making the love interests good people? :sweat_smile: I’m starting to get pretty tired of MC’s falling for the “bad boy” that treats them horribly. So, if you do decide to go for the love triangle based on true events, try to make them both likable and nice in their own ways. For example, the “aloof” have more depth? And the nice guy that didn’t have the same feelings back, could be used as an interesting plot point :two_hearts:


Same :joy::joy:. I’m too lazy for that. Plus I love my 1 hottie so I don’t mind just focusing on him :wink::joy:


I think you should keep it genuine for the reader to feel the heartbreak. In general, it makes for a better Episode story by adding more potential drama, and giving somewhat of a twist on the situation.


I’m a big advocate for one love interest and having the choice to stay single at the end.

But in saying that, you have a pretty good set up for an episode love triangle .

If I were you, I’d consider using the point system, so the readers can build up a relationship with both characters, whether it be friendship or relationship. Then in the final episode, if the reader only has enough points to stay as friends that’s what will happen. If they have enough points to have a relationship, then I guess you could give them a choice.


The aloof character was definitely NOT a bad boy. He’s complex but, to simplify it, he’s more like the characters who are hesitant to enter a relationship and share their feelings.


I personally would love if you stuck to the story. I don’t have a problem with love stories , but I would like to hear your story. I’m not saying to write exactly all what happened but I think it would be cool to show how it feels to like someone and then NOT end up with them. That’s not a common concept in the community.


Thanks for saying that. Part of me is afraid of staying too close to my real story – because then if people don’t like it, it isn’t just them saying they don’t like my writing. They’re saying they don’t like MY story. You know?

It’s also been a cool process, because I’ve been able to recapture memories, see how I’ve grown, heal.

The book is called To Love and Be Loved. My dad plays an important role in the plot, and it’s part of his favorite quote.


Thanks everyone for replying. I know how I want this book to go now, and I’d like to think I’ll be giving people something of quality.

When you guys release your stories, do you just release them and see what happens, or do you usually announce your books here? Obviously I’m not a Joseph Evans, so I don’t have “followers” to tell.


Sometimes people announce them here to have potential readers, and I’d like to at least know when it’s out. I’m rather interested.


I’ve done it both ways before. I’ve posted stories on the old forums that never really got many reads and there’s stories I never posted about that got quite a few reads. Guess it’s just luck at the end of the day.