Opinion on love interest preference?


Thanks, Herman. I have several chapters written, and am working on the animations currently. I might go ahead and release the first 3 in the next week or so, to help get feedback. The people in this thread seem to be of the same mindset I am – they’re tired of the bad boy/royal/baby stories with no character development. So I definitely will make a post if the thread is still here.

Either way, I’ll be sure to let you know when I release “To Love and Be Loved” and I’d love to know what you think.


Thank you very much. I look forward to it.


I agree with @BoredBabe, nothing can be more realistic than a story that actually happened to you.
I think the biggest problem with “bad boy vs. nice boy” stories is that most of the authors can’t portray the guys and the situation in the right way, probably because they never experienced anything like this. (I did, and I rarely find any romance stories I can relate with). I guess you can start writing and figure out later whether you will give the chance to readers to choose or not. If both guys were likeable on their own way, I would find it refreshing to wonder whether I will have a choice at the end, then end up not having one.


Here ya go, Herman! http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5922981814861824
12 episodes done. Would love to know what you think. Are you on Insta? I’m steelemagnoliaauthor. I’ll follow you if you are.


12 chapters now out! http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5922981814861824

Thanks for your guidance. I’m really happy with how the story has turned out so far. Any of you on Insta? Follow me steelemagnoliaauthor and I’ll follow you back.


Thank you so much! And no, I’m not. Apologies.


I’m loving the story so far! I just want to tell you, though, that some parts in the episodes have strange zooms where you can’t see the characters or only can see their legs. It might just be a lack of a few zoom resets. Otherwise it’s really great!


Yikes! I noticed it did that sometimes in previewing but not all the time. I thought it was just a glitch in the software. I’d reset the story progress and it would be fine. Anywhere in particular that you noticed this? I can try to figure it out.


The only place I can remember is at the fundraiser when the three were talking to each other. There were a few before that in the other chapters, but that’s the last one I remember.


I think it was happening when there was a zoom to end a chapter. Thank you SO much for letting me know. Fixing now. Hoping that the people I sent my stories to for reviews haven’t read yet!

Do you have any stories on the app right now?


OK should be all good. Sorry you didn’t get the “full” story! If you’re around chapter 8, you’re starting to get to the good parts. I’ll have chapter 13 done by the end of the week.


No no, it’s okay! I’m still really liking the story. And I don’t have one out yet, but I am working on one. I’m unsure of when it would be out though. And I look forward to it! I’ll probably end up reading the rest of it tonight, most likely. It’s really enjoyable and well-written!


Thank you for the vote of confidence! I wrote it as a project to help me heal from the events of that year (although I have fictionalized parts of this to make a better story). I figured if even one person liked it, it would be worth it.



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