Opinion On Love? 💞


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i could totally relate to this. we could fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. somehow i think love is weird, but its a really nice and magical feeling! it could also break us into pieces sometimes. i once unintentionally liked the guy that i used to dislike. i hate the fact that i like him, cuz he’s the popular guy at school (kinda a jerk) and i know having a crush on him would just hurt me, if you get what i mean. however, when we’re assigned for an assignment together, i see something different in him and this ‘liking him’ feeling was born. it’s sad cuz i know it’s impossible for him to like me back, but i don’t really care actually.

im not an expert at this topic but i guess there’s something i could talk about it. feelings and expressing love can make tremendous changes in our lives. i believe that love could make the world a better place to live, and the colors to be more colorful. i find that love is not something we desperately need, when we already have the true love of our lives from the day we were born. our family, friends and all the nice people around us. it’s fine to look for that person we call our true love and such but love itself will eventually come to us one day, someone who will truly love us and accept our flaws.

most of all, it’s really important love ourselves! you’re not something anyone can play with :yellow_heart:

lol what was I thinking


I feel like you have stolen my words. Lmao like every single sentence you said I agree with that. I might not be an expert on love and maybe way too young but that does not mean that I don’t have my own opinion of something. It’s really weird how we only find love when we don’t want to. You can never be searching for love and the find it. That is according to me infatuation. Love happens with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


I love my dogs though. Doesn’t have to be romantic relationship ya know. :wink:


I agree - there are different types of love out there!


I love rap snacks :joy: but of course I do.

Honestly I’m in like love over the moon and I’m like going to sleep thinking about him and waking up thinking about him. And it’s just a great feeling I feel so happy and just ugh. Also I have so many butterflies in my stomach because oof im going to explain everything that happened with us a few years ago and hoping he gets it.