Opinion on Multiple Love Interests



So I was wondering if y’all preferred one very developed love interest or multiple love interests that aren’t as developed. Multiple love interests allow you to have options, but what do y’all prefer in a story?

  • One very developed love interest
  • Multiple love interests that aren’t as developed

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I prefer one very developed love interest as those can be amazing couples that people remember forever.
Multiple love interest can be good however i’d choose focusing on 1 always!


I agree! Focusing on one love interest allows the reader to really fall in love with them as a character!


I’m tied in the middle. While I love to have options, I also like actually getting close to the characters. So I may not be help, but I thimk it would be cool for the choices you made contributing to what you learn of the characters and how close you get. I dunno, it’s not always in someone’s ability to do that. I don’t think it’s in mine lmao.


I get what you’re saying, and I can relate. Sometimes people get bored of just seeing the same love interest over and over again and want something different. Coding and scripting for that is so annoying though :persevere:


Well… since we’re voting, I would say 1 love interest. But honestly depends on the type of story it is. I think some stories it works better to have 2 love interests. Like with the H&V contest, that suited having a villain LI and a hero LI


I couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you! :smile:


Lmao! I usually feel bad too, unless they were a jerk.


I like it when there are several people you can pursue a romantic relationship with, but you do not have to have a romance if you don’t want to.


I agree with this strongly.


Same. It’s entirely possibly to highly develop the character of several love interests in one story, so the question is kind of loaded…
I mean, if an author isn’t capable of developing the character of several love interests very well, I dont think they’re gonna have much luck developing the character of one love interest either.


Definitely 1 love interest!


It’s definitely a lot more coding and scripting to have multiple love interests. It’d take longer for an author to come out with decent chapters.


Oh definitely. The coding is heck :joy:
If someone is good at characterization, then that’s gonna show whether they have one love interest or four. But yes, actually writing the story will probably take longer and coding will be a lot more work (assuming they use branching).



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