Opinion on my art

Hey Guys! I just finished this character edit and I could use you guys opinions.🫶🏾 Whatcha think?


lovin the hairstyle, that’s for sure! :heart_eyes: also, might need to add shoes on her.

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I wanted the shoes off :joy: and Thank you!:two_hearts:🫶🏾

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oh!! lol okay

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I’m gonna leave an honest and RAW opinion (Do not fight me on this it’s my opinion)

It’s choppy and messy I lose the hair But you can tell you got the stuff from a site think the legs look like it was cut out and you can still see some stuff on it.

The quality sucks and It’s very messy and choppy.

But other than that you did awesome!.


It’s an character edit. I remade the character in a custom pose…meaning I cut out body parts of other poses and made my own pose…in case you didn’t know. And of course the quality sucks because it’s uploaded on here which makes the pixels sucks a little. I’m just getting back to it so I know it’s not picture perfect. Messy and choppy…I’ll take that into consideration. But thanks for letting me know anyway…Eh, to each it’s own :woman_shrugging:t5::upside_down_face: Nothing wrong with an opinion though :woman_shrugging:t5:


It’s cute , maybe a little more texture if possible & maybe make her baby hair a little smaller cause it’s almost covering her face a little other than I like it it’s cute :raised_hands:t4::tipping_hand_woman:t4:

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Texture to her puff I mean

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Thank you!:two_hearts:🫶🏾

Awwww it’s super cute! I am in LOVE with the hair :heart_eyes: the only thing I can offer is to maybe watch proportions with the edited body parts! The arms and hands look fabulous, but the legs are a lil short and feet a lil small. It’s a tricky tactic to master, but I say keep up the good work!

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I agree with most comments about the proportions of everything to help with the continuity of the piece (matching the body part sizes and the ratio of the body to the car in placement) I’d also suggest cleaning up any white lines/borders on the pngs for a more polished finish. Adding filters and special effects can also help make your piece stand out. Still you did a great job and i like the overall vibe of the piece! I also love seeing an afro!
–PR :purple_heart:

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Thank you!🫶🏾 That’s what I was having trouble with. I’ll figure it out though🙃

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Yeah, and don’t feel rushed or that you have to learn everything quickly. Everyone’s art/edit journey is different: and as long as you’re happy with it then thats perfectly okay! ( Take it from someone who’s been doing art on and off for about 3 years and still can’t draw a simple line most of the times :joy:) Best of luck!

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Looks good! A small advice that I can give you is to try to polish the hard edges more. You can use the eraser tool to delete the thin, white lines and you’re good to go! The rest I really like, especially the hair :relaxed:

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It’s pretty good, proportions are ok (maybe the hair can be a lil smaller rather tha bigger that the whole car :joy:)
-Try redoing the pose, but for your objects/characters, copy and paste them into remove.bg -It won’t be blurry or choppy!
(You copy and paste/download the new version it gives you)

Nice sunset and character tho!

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I am not an artist and have only done like 5-6 OKish edits, so I may not have the strongest advice.

Working: I love the peace sign and the pose! The arms are stitched together well, too.

Advice: I’m sure lots of people have said this already, but try using the eraser tool to smooth out the edges of the legs. It won’t be perfect, but try making the knees look more natural and less blocky. The edge of her shirt on the left also seems rough. The hair is great, but I feel like it almost needs more depth, if that makes any sense? Like maybe a couple dark gray highlights to create a more dynamic pattern.

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It does look pretty good. Like the hair. I do agree with others with the proportions and fixing the slight choppiness.

I would also consider playing around with shadows. Adding shadows and light will make the character pop out more and make it more lively. Also add shadows underneath the car as well.

I agree that there needs to be some sort of texture in her hair as well. Seems like bit of a blob right now. (Not trying to sound mean just my opinion on it).

For the bg it seems a bit blurry. Not sure how you downloaded it or if you added an effect on it or not.

The character also doesn’t really seem to be sitting on the trunk of the car either. She seems to be sitting more on the muffler if anything. Maybe move her position a bit.

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Here is my opinion!

Open Here! For my Opinion

First off, I love the hair! Esp, the afro, and the edges!
The advice & flaws I have has mostly already been said but I’ll just say it again. The pose looks okay/meh b/c part of the clothes has been cut off or erased a little bit. The peace sign looks good though! But also the leg part of the pose would have looked very good if part of the legs were not chopped off. I would advise for the leg part is that you could have ss the upper thigh and then you could have taken the knee and lower parts and attached it to the thigh to make the leg that goes over the other leg look neater and better.

The background also looks okay/meh to me also. The desert looks good but it’s the car. I could see the small white traces around the car meaning that the background that was originally around the car wasn’t erased very well. The tires on the car look like it was cut off or I guess the car was just made like that lol.

Over all, the quality is not really good and the edit has some places that are very pixilated. I suggest that maybe next time you use remove.bg if you have not used it again but it could also cause some quality to be lost depending on the device you are on to make your edit. Another website I suggest you could use is Pixlr Remove Background which removes background without any quality being lost. However, using Pixlr may sometimes leave white traces around the image depending on its difficulty to erase the bg around the image. But it also has fine-tuned so you can erase parts by yourself or add parts back that have been erased.

Also, Pixlr also has a photo editing website if you want to add effects to your edit or add highlights, shadowing, etc, to your edit.

But that’s just my opinion, nothing is needed to be taken personally :blush:
And after all, you are just a beginner! You’re obviously going to get better over time!

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