Opinion on my cover art?

Can uh guys tell me howz this?? Or I should make some changes??


No way! Don’t change it because it’s beautiful! Well done :clap:t4::clap:t4:


Amazing!! :heart: :heart:

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It’s amazing and beautiful :heart_eyes:

did you thread hopping :thinking: ? @silver.shade

from @nicky.epi

what do uh mean?

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you request from her @nicky.epi shop about cover art for the school magic and now there new one here too that you have show

so question is are you thread hopping that mean you going to other shop and request same things over and over @silver.shade

no i didn’t … the one i m using as cover is not drawn or edited by any artist… nd nicky did said me to not use the cover in my story if i don’t want to… of course i loved the art… but I was hoping to make it more realistic … so no i m not thread hoping i dont request the same thing from two different person.

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oh ok :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: just making sure

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The cover is beautiful!

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the cover she has posted is edited from pixabay. copyright free so not wrong at all.

@silver.shade you are ofcourse welcome to use anything from pixabay,

I dont know if you plan to use what you requested or not, if you do plan to use it also, no problem, but you should not request art you dont plan to use. its wasteing the artist time. and a bit disrespectfull. she had exmapels, you Knew what she made. and what you where expecting to get. if you dont like the artist art, dont request.


oh :innocent: just wondering thanks you for telling me @line123462

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I had plan to use it… And I really loved her art that’s y I asked but I didn’t meant to disrespect anyone… Nd I don’t really intend to waste other’s time

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Initially read it as School Magic The. The should be above Magic and School below.
Otherwise, all your readers will have to do mental gymnastics to read the title, and forcing any type of exercise on people is just cruel.


holyy?? this looks amazing!!

it’s beautiful, did u draw it?

it’s gorgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Change nothing! My mom is one of those perfectionist artists so here I am scanning closely to see if there’s even a small flaw and I can’t find one. Awesome work!