Opinion on my cover for upcoming story


this is my own work but I want to hear about other people’s opinion on the cover


You drew that girl??


You drew that girl?! Oh my god. That looks so good. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Teach me your skills!!


That’s amazing!


I love it, but I h=feel like I’ve seen that girl somewhere else too, anyway it’s amazing, you’re really talented, what is the story about? And please people I need opinions on 2 of my upcomming stories


Its amazing Thic sister hood are looking for people to join there group you should join its amazing


Its really nice :heart:, did you draw the girl? She looks gorg.


Wow, this is amazing! Do you take requests? :wink: (Just kidding)


THAT’S INCREDIBLE . Much better than anything I can do :joy: I wish I could draw like that.


Amazing! :scream::heart_eyes:


It looks incredible! do you happen to have any social media where you post your art? if so I’d be very interested!


It’s so amazing!