Opinion on my Cover!?


Cover One

Cover Two


LOVE IT! Good Job!


i love it!


It’s awesome!!! Great job!!!


I love it! Mainly bc my name is Lucy :heart_eyes: in all seriousness, I would def click on this if I saw it in the app. Nice work! If you’re asking which one looks better, I really like the first. But they’re equally beautiful.


@goth.gaia @ChayChay @stronglcve @Teahwalker
Thank you for your Opinions!

Can I get one more on my special Art for My story?!


Wow!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Well That was fast :heart_eyes_cat:


I was inn and when te tag popped up in i licked it… lol


I love Them :heart:️ In my opinion, I love Cover One more, and the art scene is AMAZING :wink:


Ahhhhh Thank you Thank you!


OMG LOL!!! Im crying :crying_cat_face: Tears of Kitten Joy @ChayChay


Love It also!


i absolutely love this one too! :revolving_hearts::grin:


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