Opinion on my upcoming story?

Looking for honest opinions/thoughts on my upcoming unreleased story. Description will be below.

Title: The Taylors.

Summary: After losing their mother to the covid-19 virus, 18-year-old fraternal twins, Dealla and Dayton, have to adjust to moving to a new town to start new lives of their own.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

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It sounds like it could be very interesting, but you havent given very much information. id be a little careful with the covid-19 thing, i feel like people are sick of hearing about it especially in media because we’ve all been living it for 3 years.


With all due respect, I’m writing it because it’s something I want to talk about. So I don’t really care if someone is “sick” of hearing about COVID because it’s not gonna go away. If it bothers them that much then they can simply not read it. (I’m not directing this towards you just people who would have a problem with it). But I appreciate your help.


i didnt mean to come across rude with that if i did, i just wanted to point it out, not telling you to change it all because youre right, you can write whatever you want :)) good luck with your story

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It’s okay you weren’t rude at all! I’ll think about changing the plot around. Thank you.

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