Opinion on romance?

So while I was making a romance story for one couple I ended up also making a separate love story along the way that is related in a way where they could be in the same storyline.

So I was wondering if it would be better to keep parts of it in the current story I’m writing and make a series out of it or just make it simple and keep it all in the current story I’m writing

Two romance stories in one (Pros and Cons)

less work
more interesting plot
story becomes larger

Shorter/ simpler plot
less personal time for the other couple
don’t get to know the characters on a deep deep level
More left unknown

Have them separate (Pros and Cons)

there is more time to build characters
more personal time with the separate couple
You get to see how the old couple are doing
Expansion on the world
New characters
The more personal back story

simple plot
more work
might up being a lost cause

  • Two romance stories in one
  • Have them separate

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Sorry if I’m confusing I’m bad with my words but if you have any questions or a different idea for me just say so down below