Opinion on similar stories


So I have a small problem. I have had a story in my mind for like 3 months now and recently one author published something really similar . I mean it’s basically revolving about the same topic as mine. And it’s really good and it’s getting popular really quickly. And I don’t know what to do now. Should I write my story either way? I don’t want to be acused of anything and but I would really enjoy writing it. Have something like this happened to you before? If yes, what did you do?
Also apologies if it’s in the wrong topic :sweat_smile:


Yeah, that’s a little confusing. You could probably make your story, I mean people come up with the same plots all the time BUT try and make it different. Like put a spin on it that the other story doesn’t have so it’s not an exact copy of the story.


Hmm, it depends on what it is. If it’s a bad boy type cliche story, you shouldn’t haven’t any problem with it. But by the sounds of it, it must be a unique concept. You should still write it if you believe it’s different than the author’s story. What’s it about if you don’t mind me asking?


It’s a comedy about raising a child :smile: like the real face of parenting


There are so many stories with pretty much the exact same plot and people LOVE them so you should be fine if it’s just similar to it


Ooh, you should totally shouldn’t scrap your story because someone else appeared to have a similar plot. You said you had it in mind for 3 months, so definitely keep going. Plus, every author has a different sense of humor in the comedy genre. Write it! :ok_hand:


With the real face of parenting, I think that is a really good theme to cover. As said, people have different senses of humour as well. Maybe add an unexpected twist to the story (maybe it is a single dad instead of a single mum? The single dad raises a daughter - the daughter is at that age and she is going through puberty. The dad is stumped on how to go around the topic and he has a female coworker he has a small crush on as well)?

That ended up more long winded than necessary but this idea just popped into my head.


@Days thanks for the ideas but mine was slightly different, I wanted to make it like that the readers will have a choice for the child how to annoy their parents :sweat_smile: and it was supposed to be like the parents are telling the stories to the child when he is grown up while looking at the family pictures :grin: the idea of the single dad is great but I wanted to make the child a boy cuz I have a son myself :sweat_smile:
@granolias thanks so much I’m really afraid of being accused of plagiarism :blush:


Ooh I love that idea! That would be hilarious


“Son, remember that time you fed my computer to an alligator. Good times” parent looks at camera with a look of rage


Yeah exactly something like that :grin: thanks so much I will definitely write it now :smile:


All the best and honestly, go with your idea - I feel like it would be a hilarious comedy. There is concern of plagiarism but I think you will be fine :blush:


Thank you :blush:


I believe that you should continue doing what you love as long as you’re passionate about, you can level up your story with a huge twist or let it evolve differently from the similar one you found! Just continue doing what you started, even if people accuse you, you can either explain the situation or ignore them :heart:


Yes just like how "Deep Attraction"is sooo much like “Chain Reaction”
But Deep Attraction got some million reads, and Chain Reaction got like 80 million,?


Thanks :blush: yeah I already talked to the author of the other story and she is okay with it so I’m all good to go :grinning: and yeah if someone will accuse me I will probably try to explain it :relaxed:


I’m having the same problem! I think you should publish your story, it’s sounds really cool and I’d love to read it! :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush::blush: