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Hey guys, so this idea just pop in my head and I think of making it a Story but I want your opinion on it?

So it basically

The story is about the main character who is bullied because of her weight, betrayed by her best friend, cheated on by her boyfriend ( become her ex- boyfriend after that ) and so much more. But her life is even worse at home, her dad is aggressive, alcoholic and assualted her, her mom doesn’t care about her and says things that are horrible to her. So the main character decided that if nobody cares for her maybe she shouldnt be there so she drives off a cliff and into the water.

But what happens to her?, Did she get save
by someone or is she gone for good, how will her life goes after what she did to herself?

I know it doesn’t sound good but it just a random idea that pops in my head. I might add more details to the story

PS: I was thinking that the person who saves her is a random guy who is actually a royality and brings her to his kingdom.(l am Not sure about that part but I am still thinking)

What do you think?

  • Yes. It sounds like interesting.
  • Maybe…
  • Nope!

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can i be frank here. and tell you exactly what i think

its a clichi. it is done so much. also many people think giving the person a shitty life exuse giving them a personality instead.

also it seems unlikely a person with abusive parents dont have a bf and best friend. unleash they are straigh up garbage people there just use her. a person with parents like that dont really trust people

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Thank you for your opinion. I was actually thinking the same thing about the story. I can’t come up with good ideas for a story so I wanted to see what people think about this idea.

my problem is the opisit. i get idea all the time but dont work on them. cause i get new i work on instead

Yeah. I get ideas but sometime I want know to know people opinion so I just do polls and see what they think about it

i love this kind of idea. It IS really hard to come up with story ideas.

Yeah. It is really hard. I love writing and coming up with stories and l love episode and seeing how many people created there episode story and I want to do the same thing that people do but is unquie and people are the edgy of the feet to figure out what happened. But it is hard because of the coding, directing and storyline of the story

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yes, indeed.

@Jeremy can you please close this thread. Thanks😊

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