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Hey everybody! So I’ve just started writing my first episode story and I’ve found that the classic set up of episode is much easier to use to write for me and I know that ink and limelight are the now very popular ones but I was wondering if anyone would read an episode story with the classic setup? Thank you.


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I would but I know that I would prefer to read in ink or in limelight.
But it depends on how good the story is.


That’s good to know thank you so much! I think the majority of people might want an ink or limelight story so I might try to stick it out and try to learn how to write with one of those. In your opinion do you prefer ink or limelight?


Ink but I prefer the actions in limelight. But I read both.


Classic happens to be my favorite style.
Many people don’t like it, but people that like it often like it a lot.
Just be sure to note that it is Classic in the story description, else people that like Classic might not try it and people that don’t like it might click out immediately and complain.


I wouldn’t. No offence to classic lovers but I really dislike it and would click off a story if it was classic. :confused:


@violetm626 You know what? I was thinking the exact same thing as you, and for a long time in fact. I also want to write in Classic, but then I always think to myself will anyone read it? Yes, but probably not a lot will. Yet again, I am fine with that because I would never be concerned by the number of reads that I get; someone doesn’t like the style? Someone else will. :slight_smile:

But to answer your question… maybe you should write Classic… Why?

Think of it this way: because Classic stories are more difficult and rare to find nowadays, your story is unique since it’s not in Ink or Limelight like the majority of the stories on Episode… (if your story itself is great already regardless of style, such as Dripping Mascara that is in Classic, then that’s a plus!).

And this is just my personal opinion, but I find that most (good) stories written in Classic are better/more unique than most Ink/Limelight stories because the story quality back then was better, where Classic was the only available style in that era. And in my opinion, the story quality has dropped since, and coincidentally Ink/Limelight have taken over in simultaneously which forms this connection. There are still good stories in any style regardless, though.

Almost all stories written today on Episode are in Ink or Limelight, but why be like most people? You don’t have to be like everyone else, and you shouldn’t. Be yourself!

I am quite flexible when it comes to styles. I’d definitely read any story regardless of its style AS LONG as the plot and story are good, even though Classic is my utmost favorite style. Unfortunately, the majority of the community does not think this way.

With that being said if you are truly concerned about reads, you may want to consider Ink or Limelight. I’d want readers who want to read the story for the story, not just the style - but that’s just me.

Otherwise, I think you should write in whatever style you prefer, in this case, Classic!


@WinterMoon05 lol, none taken, but you’re missing out on some really great stories! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know. I started one for a while but then the way the walk and how they’re drawn - I just couldn’t take it lol. :disappointed:


I personally don’t like Classic and won’t read a story in this format. I prefer Ink all day every day :blush:


Classic is easiest for me to write in. And It’s my favortie style to read


I love classic


I love classic, i’d read it


If you write a great story, the art style doesn’t matter so much to me :blush:

Or you could use the three character styles at the same time? If you really have a hard time deciding :thinking:


Bit late, but I would definitely read it. I, myself, write in Classic and it’s my favourite style. I honestly don’t like Ink at all and I find it hard to read, which is an unpopular opinion. I say do whatever feels best to you and whatever you want for your story, but if you want it to be more popular then (as much as I hate to say it) you should probably write in ink or limelight. If you did decide to write in Classic, I would love to read it :slightly_smiling_face:



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