Opinion: Real vs animated backgrounds


Since I usually like using real backgrounds for my newer stories, I was wondering about this topic. :thinking:

I noticed on the forum that many artists offer their creations for backgrounds, most of them computer generated or drawn. Something like this: http://www.episodelife.com/p/backgrounds.html

So my question is which backgrounds do you prefer to use for your stories?


Do you mean drawn backgrounds vs photographed background?
Sorry I’m confused

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I think that’s what she meant. Basically, if we prefer realistic/photographed backgrounds or drawn/fictional backgrounds.


It depends on what the background is, for just walking down the street I would hate real regular backgrounds but for rooms and cars I’d love animated ones like episode ones


I also have no preference. As long as the background is nice, I’ll use it.


-Realistic/Photographed backgrounds make the story seem and feel realistic.

-Drawn/Fictional backgrounds make the story look and feel fantasy-like.

I’d say; if you want a realistic look, use realistic backgrounds. If you want a fantasy vibe, use drawn/fictional backgrounds.

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Thanks for helping clear this up. :blob_hearts:

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Unless the background’s hyper-realistic and just doesn’t fit the episode characters, I’m fine with it :+1:t2: