Opinion: similar stories are not copying

I don’t want this to get deleted but I’m tired of similar stories being out there and they get criticism or reported for copyright.
People are allowed to have similar ideas, unless it’s a direct copy it’s not copyrighting
Let’s face it almost everything’s been done on this app, ideas are going to start to repeat


You are totally right. The disadvantage to doing a similar story is for the app to have a lot of similar stories(as a lot of people will do it) and then a new cliché will develop. Of course everyone will do it with their own unique way but the main idea will remain the same. Another point is that you can’t avoid it but if you can you should do something more original.

{That’s just my personal opinion. Hope you understand what I mean}


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Hmm, yeah. I guess I agree. 99% of ideas are
“copied,” anyway and aren’t original at all. Most of the time, when I get an idea for a story, it’s because I got inspired from another piece of media.


It just depends on how similar.

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