Opinion splashes?

plz don’t steal btw (I will find you) :rage:



They’re really cute. tbh the character on the first one seems a bit off, but other than that, you did really good

I agree, they are def cute. Lol, at first i thought this said onion, not opinion :joy:

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Yeah, the first one I kinda rushed on, the other ones took me all day to make! :sweat_smile:

thanks and whaaatt? :joy:

Could use a lot more work on the artwork, and the outlining on some of them. The fonts could be a less saturated colour - try to avoid using bright red in titles.

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yeah it was my first time drawing :grinning:
thanks for the advise!

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Everyone starts off somewhere :slight_smile: just remember to use references and keep going

yeah thx :grinning:

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