Opinions and continue help needed

Felix: Emma talk to us…
Emma starts to shed tears
Emma: Talk about what?!
Emma: How my ex-cheated on me with my twin sister and is now dating her?!
Emma: How my twin sister sees me as a mistake and a burden!
Emma: How my best friend regrets meeting me?!


  1. Is this reaction from Emma realistic?
  2. Does this interaction feel genuine?


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Not this part -

I think you know why

No…it seems like she’s looking for sympathy.


Her sister called her a burden to everyone. She’s been holding everything in.

I need a little backstory for this part

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She told him she caught his girlfriend cheating and he said that we regrets their friendship and wishes they never met. She’s been holding her emotions in, but she couldn’t hold them anymore.

Who’s he

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Felix. And if you want a SCREENSHOT of Emma’s TWIN SISTER calling her a burden, I can give it to you.

What happened?

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They found out she’s been starving herself as a way to cope.

With what?

With everyone treating her like shit

Who’s this guy?!

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HER EX! Why is it important?!

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Just curious
How did they find out she was starving herself?

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Emma’s mom was asking about recently and told them.

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idk, personally I feel like she’s looking for attention (as someone said above me).

What is your story description?


She’s not. I showed the screenshot. Her twin called her a BURDEN.

It still seems like it though. I mean obviously it happened but like,.
Will Emma get help? I’m kinda concerned ngl

What made emma starve herself btw?

Was it because her sister called her a burden or did it happen before that*