Opinions and ideas

What are people’s favourite type of stories, what kind of themes and characters do you like to have? Are there any new ideas you have that you’d love to read or see in a story? Or even certain directing you love to see, with overlays, music, sounds or backgrounds etc.

I’m currently planning a story and I want to know what peoples thoughts and ideas are, and then see if I could incorporate this in and make something people would be interested in reading.
Any feedback is appreciated. :heart:

With me, my fav type is drama, comedy and mystery. Since romance was too mainstream, I’m willing to try something new and diverse ;).

Story theme should be unique and different, they should better perform social problems.

Character, male, DON’T be bad boy if they are the protagonist’s love interest. For female, I’d prefer a strong, no mean one.

Ideas? Well I’m willing to try new things so no preferences, if it doesn’t slip out of the guidelines :wink:

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Ah okay, I think I might go down the drama/mystery route with a strong female lead then. Thank you :kissing_heart:

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