Opinions and suggestions about this art-scene please?

Any suggestion to make this better? Thank you in advance! :heart:


is it supposed to look like the lens are shifting/moving?

No. It’s supposed to look like a sketch :slight_smile:

ok… did you edit it or actually colour it

It’s an edit, I can’t draw like this :wink:

it sort of looks like the camera is moving. perhaps you could clean the lines up a bit? Other than that it looks awesome!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

oh, if its an edit, then yes! it looks great :heart_eyes:

I think it looks nice!
May I suggest maybe trying to see how it looks in black and white format?
If you’re going for a ‘‘sketched’’ look, and if it’s supposed to be a drawing of someone, I think maybe a sketch filter in black and white would look more like pen markings on paper? :thinking:
I’m not sure though, but you could just try it out for yourself and see if you like it!

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I could also leave it like this.

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if you want an art scene, i would definitely use the previous one - the edit is so amazing! <333

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Thank you! I’ve been trying another style today:

I’m still not too sure about the first one…

it’s amazing! <33

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