Opinions and thoughts needed! (Revamped)



I am planning on making a slight plot adjustment in my story to help make a better impression to readers about my story.

So, if you have read Crossed Paths or have not, your opinion will still be highly valued.


  • During the first episode, I want Mindy to leave the club and go to the rooftop to look at the stars
  • This is something her and her ex did in the past which helps resurface some buried memories.
  • There will be a flashback of the ex and Mindy talking under the stars
  • As Mindy is lost in a daze, Joanne comes up to her to talk about what happened.
  • Then Joanne reveals Derek is with her and Derek comes to talk to her - they have a deep meaningful conversation as well as joking about using an OTS shot.

What do you guys think?

I am starting to think the appeal of my story is coming from later episodes rather than the first so I want to really improve that.



Tbh I would be weirded out. It’s just hard to imagine someone dating my sibling because I’ve always thought of them as my sibling lol.

As long as they’re not flirting in front of me, then I’d be kinda okay with it unless my best friend hurt my sibling because then I’d kill my best friend. If it was a mutual break up then I’d be fine with it. :grinning::joy:


Thank you for your input :heartbeat:


I’d feel weird tbh, but then again i don’t really have a bestfriend


I am planning on making choices for a reaction:

Weirded out is one option now haha


Another option can be is try to be understanding


Ah yes I agree - however, the overall plot will be that the friend will have a falling out with the other friend due to the reaction. Maybe understanding can be when they reach a resolution :smiley:


Oh i get it, well that case upset can be another option. The character would feel upset because they don’t want to feel like an outcast or what if it leads to complications in friendship if things didn’t turn out well


Thank you, fantastic suggestion!


No problem :3


I’d be weirded out. I mean, IT’S YOUR BEST FRIEND. I’d be a little mad at my sibling, but then I’d get over it and just eventually be eternally weirded out.


I’d be so disgusted.
I mean, FIRST OF ALL, what the actual heck does s/he see in my sister. My temperamental sister. Then my mind would wander and I’d just be externally disturbed at their romantic relationship.
And then their fights, I’d be in the middle of all their fights UGH. And if they broke up? How awkward that would be if I wanted to bring my best friend over to my house to hang OOF.

I mean, I’d ultimately get over it if all went well, because I really just want the best for the two of them. But not before giving them a bit of the silent treatment lol.


First of all I would be CONFUSED I’d be all like WHY THEM And might be conserned about whether It would effect Our friendship But Otherwise I would get Over it 4ever Wondering HOW someone (Out off all people my best friend) Could Be attracted to THAT!
(Kay mabye the last part was a bit strong) :upside_down_face: :joy:


I would be like omg, not only would we best friends but in-laws (if a girl) OMG We gonna be SISTAS lol


tbh I’d just be thinking, “Damn, now who am I going to talk shit about my brother/sister with?!”

I obviously can’t go to their PARTNER and start ranting about how annoying they are :joy:

I think I’d initially be a little apprehensive, but not disgusted or angry or anything. Like QueenChid mentioned, it’d get awkward if they started fighting… you’d be stuck in the middle of everything. The potential break up would be even worse, like yikes :grimacing:

Other than that, as long as they’re both happy and treat each other right, I wouldn’t really see a problem :woman_shrugging:


Yah know what , I didn’t think that situation through completly, didn’t think of the fights and ranting etc


EXACTLY what she said


I dated my best friend’s sibling in high school and it was mostly fine once we learned to navagate the new aspect to our relationship. The biggest fight we ever had about it was how we never spent time together since every time I went to their house I was hanging out with her brother. To be fair that usually happens when teenagers get partners, they ditch their friends during the newlywed phase but the sibling aspect makes it worse since you’re a room away and your friend knows you’re there not kicking it with them. It’s like you’ve replaced your best friend with their sibling. It’s also really hard not to be able to share things like sexual expieriences or fights, you have to leave each other out of some very important aspects of your lives like talking shit about a sibling or your boyfriend asking you to do something weird in bed. We all kept out of relationship/sibling fights, it could be tough at times but I think it’s common sense to respect that boundary.


Thank you so so much for writing about your personal experience and your insight - this will help so much! :heart:


If one of my friends were dating my brother, I’d probably find it pretty weird. I actually don’t think it would bother me that much, but I’d definitely need some time to process it.
I actually used to date one of my brother’s friends. We’re pretty close now but at that time, we didn’t share our personal lives very much with each other. It was also kind of weird because my brother sometimes tried to lecture me about my boyfriend just because they were friends before we got together. I think my relationship with my brother’s friend kind of destroyed their friendship, though the 2-3 year age difference might’ve had an influence, too.