~Opinions I have~

                        ~Episode doesn't care about you~ 

| They don’t care about you, they silence you. They just want your money.
They use you, they make you make good stories because they don’t want to.
They don’t care till you say something about them. They make you stay for money and cash.
They don’t care about your opinions, then they use their little minions to close down the threads because they don’t want to hear it. They are bigger than you and they know that.
You are the ant and they are the human. Stop and think about that. We need to stop this by not buying gems.|

                              ~Silencing others~ 

Episode and some others flag others post for no reason to hide it in the back. Posts that are on-topic get flagged while others that are off-topic don’t. It may be that they don’t like them or their opinions. Episode doesn’t care and no one points it out so no one has a problem with it. We shouldn’t be silenced by fools because they don’t and care for our opinion. We should have free speech not to be silenced by rich ghouls who basically sit on their chairs and watch in the sky throwing the money in the air while we are scammed.


     People who think their art is "bad" when it's good.

Please, don’t do this, it annoys the HELL out of me! If it’s some dumb stickman it’s ugly if it has retarded neon colors its ugly. If it has shading and nice colors it’s not. Don’t think this PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, it more looks like you’re just begging for people to say “No, it’s super cute!” STOP IT and THINNK!

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I do agree with you, but I won’t word it in a sense that you worded your opinions. I do think Episode cares about our feelings because they have to listen to us; we’re bringing in money for them to succeed as a platform.



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