Opinions? i need help for my story?

My story ’ broken bruises ’ is based of a girl called ‘ Brylee ’ who has suffered multiple abuse from family, siblings strangers and even people at school, which caused her to self harm in multiple ways, Brylee also thought about suicide multiple times, which caused major depression and anxiety, 'Brylee ’ has ran away from home several times; the meaning behind ‘ Broken bruises ’ is the word ‘ Broken ’ referencing to her broken past and now its hard to make friends because of the anxiety and abuse she suffers from, past, present, and future… One day ‘ Brylee ’ finds a friend who, finds Brylee in possible one of the worst situations of her life, and tries to help ‘ Brylee ’ come out of her shell but the nightmares of past come crawling back, reminding her of everything she went through. She also finds a guy called theo who has been friends with lilith and Tori her friends and idk if they should fall for eachother if theo helps her through it aswell?

Thats what i have so far?? any ideas like plot twists or drama? i really want to get this story finished :smiley: and wanted your help.


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