Opinions in 2018


I’m pretty sure I’d piss you off then…


Are you kidding me? Oh that is ridiculous.


I honestly just ignore those because I have scrolled past a bunch of those and nothing bad has happened-yet. Soooooo yeah… People do have free right to speech and even if it’s stupid still get to say whatever, so like, it doesn’t bother me (okay maybe it does, but only a little bit)


Well I don’t get that mad. I only really get pissed off when I see the person draw in front of me and they are amazing. Then when I ask what else they can draw they crumple up their drawing and throw it away, saying “I can’t draw.” UM I KNOW YOU ARE SHY BUT JUST TAKE THE DAMN COMPLIMENT AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGH


That’s accurately describing me…


Luckily we are across screens so I cannot get mad since Idk what you look like or what you are doing


Hey I have a question and I’m new to this forum thing…lol it’s just that a green dot appeared in the corner of my episode story that I already created and I have no idea what it means??? If you know that would be great :slight_smile:


Welcome! Well as a matter of fact I am new to Episode as well and would love to help but I have no clue how.


:joy:that’s a mood right there


ikr. Again, super sorry!


So agreed, here is the perfect meme

change 2017 into 2018 (almost 2019).


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