Opinions needed asap please

Okay so basically I just need some opinons

Okay so I was thinking are we allowed to charge for FULLY coding a scene for someone?
Like Im not talking about basic directing Im talking like advanced directing with advanced overlays and movement with background characters/filters/overlays/transitions.

Im asking because I fully coded about 3 scenes for someone Obviously Im not going to charge them because I already coded the scenes and I never asked her to pay me before I started and it was advanced directing with a lot of background characters and filters.
I also coded the scenes with their character names so that they dont have to go in and change anything.

How do you feel about charging to fully code a scene for someone? with overlays/characters/bg characters/advanced directing?

No prices over the top though

Personally, I don’t like people charging for it since I can never afford it as well as people who need coders, tend to need them free of charge unless they can’t find anyone free then they pay as a last resort style thing (:

If u feel like charging for your coding, then go ahead…don’t let others try change your mind (:


I know what you mean.
Like if you need help with directing like say you dont know how to move an overlay or how to spot direct a char, I can do that for free because im not coding the scene for you, Im simply giving you steps on how to do the task.

I think it depends on how much coding you’re doing. If I were you, I’d probably base it off similar rates to translators where it’s determined by every few thousand words or per page.

I don’t think I’d charge if the scenes were relatively small/short and didn’t make up a decent chunk of an episode (obv I don’t know how much you’ve coded/how long your scenes are etc).

But that’s just my opinion without knowing the details. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay so when I was coding for her, I made up the dialouge because she gave me a “path” on how she want the scene. It was a flashback scene and I think the lines were 300+
But keep in mind that does not count twords the “AND” and the “is” Because those have to be on the same line. And with all the background characters used, there was a lot of “AND’s and “is”” used.
I also ended up picking backgrounds and made about 7-10 characters. I did not customize them though because it did not matter how they looked on my end because it was going to get copied into hers anyway.

Okay, well personally I wouldn’t charge for that because I don’t think that’s enough content to be charged for (I considered 3 scenes), but it’s your decision to consider in future.

I know there are a lot of people who code for others for free, but I honestly support the idea of charging those who want your expertise and help with coding most of their episodes or their full episodes, especially if they need your help regularly or want you exclusively to continually work with them. It requires a lot of time and effort and time is money.

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Thank you for your opinion.

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No worries!

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Of course! Coding is a skill in the same way art or writing is. If people can charge for those, talented directors can also charge for coding. I don’t advertise my myself as doing coding commissions, but I have done multiple in the past for people who have approached me. I don’t have set prices or anything, any time I’ve been messaged about it I’ve done it for whatever I’ve been offered as they’ve all been reasonable, but when setting a price take into account how long it will take you, what kind of assets they’re providing you with (ie. Are they giving you backgrounds and overlays or will you have to source/create those yourself?), and how long the scene(s) are.

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I definetly agree with you! When you were offered money, how much was the minimum you were offered? And did you charge extra for extra overlays you had to find/create your self?
If you dont mind can you pm me your answers

I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

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