Opinions needed! Do you prefer choices?

Hey everyone how’s it going :slight_smile:
So, I’m currently writing a few stories, and truth is… I’m too lazy to add in choices, especially choices that can alter the whole plot…
So my question is, do you prefer choices in stories? Or do you like to just read a story without your input, and see how the author lets it play out?

(Being lazy with choices does not mean I’m lazy with the storyline and directing!! REMEMBER THAT. It’s just simply stressful to add story-altering choices, especially when I view episode writing as a sort of stress reliever!)

Also, leave your reasoning too :slight_smile:

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Oh tea! I didn’t know you could add polls, thank you!


No problem


Depends on the story like if it is your typical romance story then I think readers would like to take the MC’s romance path in their own direction, also a mystery genre works well with choices. Stories that you can tell the author is using life experiences in their story, sometimes just reading through gives the reader a clear idea of why the author wrote the story.


Just add a few response choices, it’s what everyone does, and most people seem to be fine with it!


I prefer choices, but I still read and enjoy stories without them too


not to be rude but the point of the game is to make choices. makeing a story if you fell a makeing them is too hard you wont have the ability to write an entire story. cause that is hard work too

I disagree with your opinion. Yes it is the point of the game, but it is the authors story and they are writing the story for a reason, and episode makes writing stories sort of easy. But not allowing choices can show the main idea, you don’t need choices to make a story. And making a story is not that hard but when you’re having a hard time coding, choices can really be a pain to add in. My point of the question was just asking do people prefer choices, or do people care when they get to choose what to say, or the actions that play out. I respect your opinion though.

I prefer choices and agree with @line123462 about episode being about “choosing your own story”. You can definitely include choices in your story without making multiple plots! Choices don’t always have to have a HUGE impact on the story, it can be about the little, still important things. For instance, I’m planning my story and it will follow one distinct plot line. But it will also include choices that have some impact as that’s what the app is about. Personally , I usually to avoid stories without choices because it kind of shows that the author is lazy and I wouldn’t read a story with an author that only put half of their energy into a story.


It’s a big part of the Episode app, but it doesn’t necessarily need to fit into EVERY story. The story I’m working on now has a LOT of choices/branching, but I have another story idea that would probably have very few choices (maybe mostly superficial ones like ‘what kind of food do you want to eat’ kinda things).

But if you’re really not doing choices, readers will probably want your story to be engaging in another way (excellent directing/writing, etc.) You should be careful about just doing something for laziness reasons, haha, because creating Episodes is not an easy task :joy: (I say this as a fellow lazy person.) If you’re scared about using choices, you can experiment with small things like letting the player choose their dress or what color their room is (idk); small things, but it will make the player feel like they’re affecting the story.

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I personally prefer them, but I don’t mind when stories don’t have them.

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I like choices that feel like they make an impact. You can add choices that feel meaningful without them actually affecting the story plot. I think people just like interacting with the stories more than just reading them straight-out.

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I totally get that. And I think I worded my post wrong, and that you’re the only one who really understood what I meant lol. I’m not lazy with creating a story because it really is a lot of work, hard work, and it takes up a lot of time. But when it comes to choices that affect the whole story and you have like 3 different endings or story plots going on, I feel like it can be very tiresome, and as much as I like writing, I dont really want to stress over story writing a story, especially if it usually helps relieve some stress, when I have other personal issues going on in real life. I understand putting small choices in, which i do with my stories,

My main question was just do people prefer stories that change the plot, especially when you have to choose between three different love interest lol. I personally, rather just read the authors main plan with their story then choosing the way I’d like for it to play out… I don’t know I just like seeing others creativity rather than what I want.

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