Opinions Needed For Everything

To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone asking for feedback concerning their story. But, if it gets to a point where they continuously ask questions for things, then it becomes annoying.


It is getting a little irritating, especially with BG character threads, where they say I need one asian, 2 muslims and a black character.

I don’t want to be rude…but seriously? If you’re making BG characters like that, how about create them yourself?

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I don’t think it’s wrong if someone genuinely needs help, but if there’s already a thread that explains how to fix their problem, there shouldn’t be another thread created asking on how to solve that specific problem.

However, it’s alright / doesn’t bother me when new time authors / coders, since they probably won’t know much about the forums, considering they’re new, in my opinion.

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I do feel like a simple search would answer most of these questions…

Like I think I made a Discussion on sounds…
I know I made one for Romance…
I know I made one for Gender of MC…

I kinda want to share my ~317 submissions for characters since like, the ultimate collection of background characters. Then I remember the search engine is under used, and I doubt anything would change and people would still ask.


some people like feedback from the community or arent confident in their ideas and need a little encouragment. its a good place to go for advice or to find out what people enjoy, and if people dont wanna answer they can just scroll past.

also i found the looking for background characters as more complicated than making your own at first, but then i realized including other peoples characters is a good way to get your name out there, be involved with the community, and interact with different people. plus it doesnt hurt to have more people wanting to read your story to see how you did with their character.

I honestly just randomize My bg characters and make them a new outfit because I’m lazy lol