Opinions needed... POV

So I am about 4 episodes into my story (converting from spotlight to limelight) and after playing other people’s stories, it made me think…

My story is the in POV of the reader, not in the POV of the main character telling the story. Which do you prefer?


Katherine playfully hits him again except this time, Parker catches her hand. He holds it between both of his.


I playfully hit him again except this time, he catches my hand and holds it between his.

Does anyone prefer one over the other? Does it really matter?
Appreciate everyone’s opinions in advance! :slight_smile:

I think you should do a mixture of both… Like in scenes where you want it to seem more emotional to the character then you could do it as the character pov but otherwise do the narrative pov.


Oooo didn’t even think of it like that! I kind of do both because I have quite a bit of think bubbles that are in the character POV!


Yeah. :slight_smile:

It’s great because it expresses the personal thoughts of the character allowing readers to connect with it, whilst also being able to stay in a story vibe rather than a recount vibe. :3 Also love the name. (Secretly shares the same name, lol.)

EDIT: Also off topic BUT image Turtle animation. xD


Katherine has always been one of my favorite names! <3
Thank you so much!


I prefer first person in episode stories, rather than third. But it’s not like I’ll drop a third person POV story either


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