Opinions needed! x

I have just created a cover for my new story but, since I’m new to this stuff I haven’t been able to pay for a cover to be made for me. So, I attempted to make one myself!

Let me know if there’s anything I could change or improve on! x


I like it! The color on “Me blends with the background though.


Thank you for your feedback! I noticed that so I tried to use the red shadow to make it better, I guess it didn’t work out the way I wanted though lol.

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Maybe reduce little bit of the lens flare and the man pose more closer to the neck
It will be perfect
But this one already nice dear

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Maybe it’d be better to write “Me” in red as well? Although, that’d make picking out the shadow color tricky. It might also help to move the characters closer since this looks like it’ll be the small cover, and people won’t be able to see much with how small Episode makes the small covers.