Opinions of In my Bed?


What is your opinion of the new story by episode? In my opinion, I think it’s wrong to display that stuff on the app and they’re using their power unfairly. If they can write sexy stuff and publish it, they need to take down that rule. But that’s just me because I think that if you(Episode) get to do it and hinder every other writer from doing is some BS. I think so why because in the story it mentions so much kinky junk that people on the app doesn’t need to see. Did they even think about the app is for 13 and up? I get what they’re doing because sex stories equals more money. But why do they disobey there rule of mention physical/sexual shit when we can’t? Overall I think the story is disgusting, too much, needs to be taken down.

What are you’re thoughts???




This is my opinion on it:

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I agree if they can do they need to take down that rule because that hypocrisy!


At least some one did it before Thxs for raising awareness!


You can check out my thread I have snapshots of my review :grinning: