Opinions on "400 lines" to Publish?



Honestly, I am not a fan of this feature. I understand why, but I feel like it shouldn’t be forced onto the author. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I feel like stories are DRAGGEDDD on and that not only bores me, but immediately stops me from reading another chapter.

Anyways, what are y’alls opinions? :thinking:


400 lines is really short for me, I use to struggle with hitting the line limit actually before Episode increased it.


Lol what? I’m so opposite to you. I think it should be increased! 400 lines is so short, especially if you’ve got lots of characters getting placed and other directing commands.


I, too, think it’s a bit short. Maybe 600 lines would work better, I don’t know.


In my opinion, its too short but 1000- 3000 lines is ok


I like it the way it is, as someone who reads and creates i think it is displeasing that the episode chapter is too short

But if you made it larger to about 1000 it will be great


I think it should be increased. 400 lines is way too short with all the directing/coding a good story should have


You’re right. I don’t think it should be increased though.


Yeah, I guess you’re right.


Yeah. I am okay with how it is now. If anything, it should be increased and not decreased.


That’s really, really short lol. I think it should be increased, because that would make users stretch their stories too thin and cause horrible pacing.

Besides, I tidy up my script a LOT and do a lot of spacing to make it easier to read and modify. Not to mention, outfit choices and hair/makeup cc templates take like 500 lines of code alone.

MY SPACING ALONE takes up a lot of space in writer’s portal, probably more than 40 since I’ll have way more than just 4 scenes.


Yeah I also think that if anything, it should be increased not decreased. 400 lines of pure dialogue (without directing) is probably only around 5 minutes which (IMO) is too short. If you add directing commands to that, the episode is much shorter.

I once read a story where the author filled the first episode with song lyrics because she had no idea what to add in there to fill her 400 lines… so in a way I get where you’re coming from but to be honest, I think if an author has a clear idea of where their plot is going, filling up an episode with decent content shouldn’t be an issue.


LMAO PAUSE song lyrics? That took me out :rofl::rofl:
Do you still remember the title of it?
(BTW, I loveee your stories and how you make the choices matter.)


Yeah it would also drastically affect reception and audience for stories. Throughout the story, their episodes will have less and less views.

I think using at least 2000 WITHOUT CC and constant spot directing/overlays is the best method.

If I want a shorter episode, I’ll always pack it with climaxes or extremely important scenes.

Needing to fill a “quota” (in this case, 400) calls for poor storytelling and should make writers rethink about publishing tbh. This isn’t an English assignment or research paper lol…


No I don’t, sorry. It was a long time ago. I was reviewing the story and definitely wasn’t expecting that lol. :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much! :smiley:


I wanna know what the song is now. :joy::joy::joy: it better be a damn good tune for me to waste a pass on it or time/my phone battery (even when you have unlimited)


Matter of fact, what happened to the unlimited passes for a day thing? I had a new account and didn’t receive it.


I think I’m good on dialogue because I’ve always struggled with more dialogue and if it wasn’t dialogue, intricate descriptions. More talk and less action, is what I mean.

I’ve written in other outlets, whether it was measly fanfiction or my own shots out of boredom. The stories were received very well, even the discontinued ones. But my issue was always less action and more emotional dialogue.

Episode gives me a fresh take on writing, even when I have to compress it. That way, I can work on the flaws of what writing I have. Work on action than just dialogue, since it’s a visual experience too.

With 400 lines, it’s way too limited and outright lazy. I’d rather spend more time creating a decent episode even if it’s a long awaited update than piss off readers with a short episode.

I’ve noticed clique-y (overrated or not) authors rely on their popularity (often not even the best of writers tbh) to get away with this, while somehow retaining readers. This won’t just affect amateurs, but give more growth to popular writers that may not even deserve it over the more hidden gems other users create. :expressionless:


A day? It’s like 9.99 for a month. Way affordable than the other options.

Idk on you receiving it. Could be a different account.


Really? I never see it in the shop. Weird. And oh, they’d use to give new readers unlimited passes for a day.