Opinions on a sorority story?

Hi friends. I’ve read stories on episode on and off for years. And I of course started with campus crush. That sparked my interest in sorority stories. I’ve read a couple good ones since then, but I just really want to write a sorority story that I’ve always wanted to read. This would be something where your choices actually affect which sorority you do or do not get into.

Okay so what I’m asking for are things you would like to see in a story like this, and things you’d prefer to be avoided. This can be about plot, setting, characters, anything.

This would be my first story if I actually write it and would love some opinions to help guide me into writing a great story. Thank you!!


I think it would be a good read.

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Thank you! I’ve already came up with what I think is a decent plot idea. So I’m kind of excited now!!

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