Opinions On A Story Idea?!


Hi everyone, I am a new aspiring author on Episode. I would really like opinions on my story idea as I am having difficulties choosing one that would be interesting. The story idea I am thinking about writing would be like a rom-com per say it would be about Dracula and his daughter move from their secluded home in Transylvania to L.A. The story would pretty much follow them on their adventure and adapting to their new way of life as will come the comedy. Dracula’s Daughter will be going to high school and that is where the romance will come in and I also will be adding a hint of romance for Dracula. Can’t leave Papa Drac out. But basically this wouldn’t be your gory type of vampire movie about sucking blood. I would add my own twists to the vampire legends.
Please, give me your honest opinions on if this is a story you think would be interesting to read!

Thank you so much!