Opinions on age and maturity?

Hi! I am making this just out of curiosity.
What is your opinion on age and maturity? Do you think being older makes you more mature or just because you are younger, you can’t be mature?
I am 15 and often feel judged because I am younger and so people instantly think I am less mature, I however, think maturity comes with experience and just because I am younger, I don’t think that means I have less maturity. I believe that if someone had a conversation with me without knowing my age, you would never know that I am 15. However, I still get people who don’t seem to want to work with me sometimes because of my age, thinking I will be less mature than someone their age.
What do you think?


being younger doesn’t mean you are less mature at all i think its true what you have said maturity come with experience in life, and you tell how it is girl!:heart:


Age can contribute to what cap of maturity people tend to have at whatever age. It just depends on the individual, to be honest. And some people are just by default always more or less (im)mature. It also depends on who you are around. People know when to turn certain behaviors on and off and whatever. ^^

But personally, I think more younger people than most give credit for know when to turn this maturity level up. Some of them don’t, but I’ve come to find that often times, that’s an individual thing. Some humans are just immature. Some humans are just really serious ^^

Some people need things to happen to them before they change. It can all be really complex when looking at it overall. Know what I mean?? <3


I’m 22 but often get mistaken for a teenager

I’m always asked if I have ID and often can’t go to a bar.

Last year while on holiday my dad was given wine, I was given a lollipop


Age doesn’t determine your maturity, you determine your maturity


I felt like I was really mature when I was 15, but looking back I probably wasn’t. I am only 18 now so it isn’t much difference, but I feel 16&17&18 were the ages where I really started to mature. I learned to respect my teachers and parents more, I got a job, I really took responsibility for studying and made an effort with friends.

It really just depends about maturity. You may feel mature, but people around you may not see you as being it. I felt I was mature, but I think some of it comes with age also. I don’t think you ever stop maturing, you’ll be more mature when you’re 25, then 35 and so on. There are some people that can be 16 but more mature than 25 year olds, it just depends on the person, their knowledge and experiences. You might have gone through so much more as a 15 year old than a really sheltered 25 year old, age isn’t always a factor although.

It can be unfair if someone judges you because of your age. Obviously there are some things that do depend on age, even though we are only 3 years apart there are some things I wouldn’t share with a 15 year old no matter how mature they are, simply because I don’t think a 15 year old needs to know.

I think you should be as honest as you can with people no matter their age, within reason. Maturity does come with experience, but then again you can get some people who have experience but aren’t mature at all.

The good thing is, you won’t be 15 forever. You’ve got plenty of time to work with people. I would just enjoy being 15 for a while.


Age is merely a number - maturity is a mentality and at your age, even younger - if people did not know who I was (so maybe I would speak to somebody online sometimes - these individuals were very shocked when I revealed my age as I provided advice and help to people far older than myself).

Currently, I am 20 and my life has gone being told I am an “old head on young shoulders” - I guess it came from my life experiences along with listening to what my father went through and him telling me life lessons along with being willing to learn from my own experiences too. Personally, I just think I act my age or even younger! Ahaha I used to work with children at schools and I would spend most of my time with them along with I love just playing with my little brother as he brings out my inner child. However, I love to have serious conversations too.


Age is nothing to do with maturity (I have seen over 50 year olds behaving worse than toddlers)


In my honest opinion, I think that maturity comes from experience, not from age. A person who has lived without the privelage of knowing where there next meal is going to come from, would wisely try to save what they can when they do get food instead of consuming it all at once, while someone who lives comfortably wouldn’t even think twice about it, regardless of the age.
I’ve been told many times that I’m too wise for my age, but that isn’t really the case. The reason I may come off as wise is because of the unfortunate events that may have taken place that have made me into who I am, which often goes unnoticed. <3


I think when I was 15, I felt a lot like you do now.
Now that I’m 25, I struggle to connect and communicate with most teenagers, but I have encountered a few exceptions to the rule in the forums.


I think this community is the perfect example of how maturity doesn’t come with age


I remember making a post about this on my old account. I felt the same way, but don’t feel judged. Heck, I’m fvcking fourteen years old, lol. And you’re right, young age doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t mature. And if people don’t want to work with you…they’re missing out. If you need someone to work with, I’m available. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m actually really passionate about this subject, my entire life I’ve been treated like a toddler because I’m A) The youngest in my entire extended family B) The youngest out of all of my friends and C) Younger than everyone in my grade because of my grade skip
I think that maturity comes with what kind of emotional spectrum someone has experienced. Personally, I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve matured as a result of that. I am also always constantly around people that are older than me, so normally they see me as younger, but now they usually see me as mutuals. It’s a pet peeve of mine to be treated like a child, and I have been my entire life so it sucks. Like I said, I’ve been through a lot and am generally a very independent person, so it annoys me when people say “you should enjoy being young!” because trust me, life isn’t very enjoyable as of right now. Sorry for the word blabber, I went a bit off topic.


It depends on the person, their company, their social life and sometimes, something that happened in your life.

But I am 15 too. And I’d like to think I am not immature. I am childish when I need to be and mature when need demands. Age plays a role in us being mature or whatever but there are other things that could influence it too!


Wise words indeed :clap: @NelidaU and @OreoBiscuit

Age doesn’t always equal maturity. I consider myself to be mature at times and immature at others, it’s like I’m a child at times which I can’t help :wink: But seriously, sometimes I feel that someone younger than me is probably way more mature, it just depends on the person! Like I consider a 70 year old grandpa scamming others for money to portray very immature behavior vs a 30 year old woman who acts professional in a business setting who I’d consider mature or a teenager who takes the time to help others. To me, being mature or immature is more of a behavior thing and while other things can influence which type you are more, like age, at the end of the day you can have both-be childish but serious at times :heart:

And @Hannahnevin lol that made me laugh sorry :joy:


It makes everybody laugh :laughing:

I look younger than I actually am, going into a bar, my dad or mum has to stand beside me in case I am asked for ID

I can’t even ask in a hotel for a drink of alcohol

I’m in a no win situation


Yikes :fearful: Sorry u have to go through that :heart:

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To be honest

I’m ok with that

I’m still a child at heart, love my disney, my writing, my soft toys, my dog is called Belle Anna after Princess Belle and Princess Anna

So, knowing that people see me as a young person means that when I’m 30 I’ll only look 26 :laughing::rofl:

Same :nerd_face:

It’s not all bad then :laughing: