Opinions on author showing up in story

do you like when the author shows up in the story and makes a little announcement? or is that too unprofessional or something

  • i don’t mind/i don’t care
  • it’s annoying and dumb
  • i like it

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Honestly, I don’t really mind the author showing up in the story.
However i believe that it depends on how you do it, like the way you speak and if it makes sense to be saying what you are.
Just appearing with no reason is quite unnecessary but if you do it to say important info besides presenting you is quite professional I think
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Depends on the context. Usually, i don’t care too much. Like if the author wants to show themselves at the end while answering an FAQ or whatever, it doesn’t bother me. However, I definitely don’t like when authors show up in the beginning of the story announcing that it’s their first story or apologizing for the story being bad or saying “it will get better after this!!!” Blah blah. It’s really off putting since it doesn’t make me believe the author has tried to put their best foot forward. It’s not like everything has to be perfect all the time. But announcing your story as “this sucks And I’m not happy with how it turned out” really isn’t going to endear the readers to the story. The same applies if this message is left for the end.

But if authors appear at the end of the story for whatever explanations or announcements they have, I don’t really mind. I know a lot of people really don’t like it, though.


I don’t like especially if they are doing some random dance and making forceful jokes. Actually, if it serves zero purpose to the story, I can do without it.

However, if it’s beneficial and short, then I don’t care.


It depends on the context. I don’t mind it every now and then if it’s an important message or a FAQ or something at the end of the episode. There was one story I was reading where the author would come out at the end of every episode and would sometimes be like “I have nothing to say so… bye!” which is obviously so pointless and is just annoying.


i hate that too

hate that

If the author dont talk for hours its okay​:joy::joy::joy:

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