Opinions on bittersweet endings?

I am currently in the process of outlining a story and I am creating two main branches. At least one of the endings for one of the branches will be bittersweet.

My story is basically about a man who becomes immortal from a pill. At first, he loves it. But after a long time, he despises being immortal. Due to legal documents he signed, the man cannot go against or stop the experiment. At a point in the story, the choice is going toward two branches: sticking with the experiment (only because he is being blackmailed) or joining a rebellion to help them stop the immortality pill from being developed.

Now, I’m still writing the story and have a general idea of the endings. I’m thinking if the player stays with the experiment, there won’t be a “happy” ending. I was thinking about there being a bittersweet ending. It would be the man not having to do the experiment and becomes mortal again (the good part), but the pill would still be developed and brought to the public (the bad part). Basically, if the player chooses to stick with the experiment, the character will unable to get the good ending with the experiment not succeeding.

What do you think of this ending? Thanks!

Would the bittersweet ending be a good option for my story?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Could be improved
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I feel like I’ve seen a post about this plot before, was that you?

Yes, that was me. I’m trying to figure out branching.

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