Opinions on Character Customization



Which one do you prefer? Vote & let me know why you prefer that option! I’m trying to decide which one would make the reading experience better for my upcoming story. :blush:

  • No customization
  • Limited customization
  • Full customization

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I see where you’re coming from. At the same time I understand that some readers prefer certain facial features and that’s the reason for limited CC, it’s like adding your own twist onto the original character, I suppose. Thank you for the input, I’m going to keep it in mind!


It depends for me. I prefer 100% free customization for the MC, but for some other side characters I don’t exactly like it. Sometimes it doesn’t have the same spice to it if you can change everyone.


i like Limited CC only if the character has a specific cultural background.

in this case, the character’s background usually plays a part in the story & i love when other cultures are included and i can learn about them.


I feel this! Is it really the same if you can customize EVERYONE? Eventually the character’s looks grow on you anyways lmao. Thanks for your input! :heartpulse:


Yes! It’s always interesting when you get to read about their family’s background and history. It certainly does add charm to the story. Thanks for replying! :heart:


Full customization lets the readers feel more connected to the story.


I agree, it does! Depending on the plot and actions of the MC, this is either a good or bad thing. People have different views and sometimes their character may not represent them. Thank you for your input, I appreciate it. :heartpulse:


I personally can dig with any type of customization but in some stories like in Chain Reaction & Deep Attraction there is no customization & i’m fine with that.
I often think that no customization can be really good too. Usually it’s not too bad and honestly at the end of the day, i’d rather be reading a good story then look good haha.


Agreed! Sometimes limited to no customization can allow the author to write more detailed descriptions and dialogue. Thanks for your input! :heart:


I like customization if it’s supposed to be me, self-inserting, in the story; like if the character is labeled “you” and you get to name them. But if I have no control over my characters’s name and background, I’d rather just have her be the default and not worry about it.

And I haven’t really read much with limited customization…


Yeah! Limited customization is usually being able to change facial features. Depending on the author, you can’t change eye color, hair color, and sometimes skin tone. I’m currently leaning towards allowing full customization excluding the eye color and name because I think it’s more inclusive! Thank you for replying, have a great evening! :heartpulse:


& some authors envision a story to be a certain way and their characters to look a certain way so sometimes I even customize them the way they look in the cover art if I have full customization


Right? I like to stick to original looks occasionally too. The author usually has a reason for making them look a certain way. At the same time I like to connect myself with the characters and fully customize! I like both options, haha.


A year ago I would have said full customization, but now I prefer no customization!
I want to see how the writer sees the character, and it is a big part of the personality!


One’s taste can change drastically in a year, lol! I relate! My liking of customization depends on my mood for some reason. Thanks for your reply, love! :heart:


I prefer no or limited customization, but if you choose full customization, I would recommend letting the reader know the character’s age and name ahead of time.
That way they don’t end up with a twenty year-old that looks older than her mother.



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