Opinions On Child MC's?

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I’m writing a story with called Chameleon- or The Chameleon. I know authors don’t do this a lot, but my main character -in most of the story- is this six year old kid named Tod.
Just wanted to know what your opinions are on child main characters.
I wanted to know if it would be something people would like to see on episode. And maybe share other stories that involve child MC’s- either they stay a kid the whole story, or you see them growing up.

I have just realised I probably can’t make my character 6, so I’ll just edit the story so in the beginning he’s 6 but not for very long, and he grows up and is 13 for the actual story. I liked the original plot better, but this kinda makes much more sense. And it is a loophole to my problems. I now want your opinions on young teens in stories and about them growing up.

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I think it would be awesome to see this in an Episode story. It’s pretty unique and I’d personally be pretty interested in it. There’s a lot of potential with a child MC.


Thank you! :blush:

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Oooh I hate to kill your plans but…

13 is the youngest age you can have your MC, and 16 is the youngest if you want to add romance…

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I wanted to add this in, but I kind of have multiple MC’s, and it’s more of Tod discovering his parent’s story, he is just really involved in the story- would that be allowed?

And it’s a romantic story about the mom

I think it would be very interesting!
If it’s allowed then I guess it will be so different than the usual stories published which is great!
Good Luck

I think so…? I’m not too sure, but I think you can ask support about these things and they’ll confirm if it’s ok or not.

I’m pretty sure they’ll allow it- but I’ll double check community guidelines.

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How I understand it is as long as the boy isn’t the sole focus, it’s fine

I think it sounds interesting! :grinning:
But just to be 100% sure, send a support ticket HERE and ask Episode Team about it.

I was going to fill that in but what’s the Support ID mean- what do I fill in for that?

You have to check it on your app, Click on Settings and scroll down, the Support ID is there :slight_smile:

ok thanks :blush: