Opinions on cover art

Hi guys! I’ve been writing my first story on and off for almost two years now, so I made a goal to stop procrastinating and commit to actually doing this :blush:. Anyway, I made some cover art to use for my story but I’m very indecisive, and I don’t know which one to pick. Some opinions would be very much appreciated, (this is for the large upper half cover btw). Some suggestions on what my small/main cover should be would also be appreciated, but keep it simple because I can’t draw :sweat:.


the first . the two others hurt my eyes


I like the first one, but the last word is really hard to read

Definitely the first one!

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i really like the first one.the font its not the best

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yeah I know I don’t like the font either, i literally just made a second version of that one with a different font : )

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The first one is the best the other two hurt my eyes

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I like the second one

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I like the first one the best, but I would try adding the title with the font from the second one (maybe in white?). Best combination in my opinion. Good luck with your story! :blush: