Opinions on Customization

Alright. So, for the story I’m writing I’m debating about customization.

If I’m being honest, I don’t want any customization for any of the characters. I’ve been developing this story for quite a while, and finally got to coding the 1st episode. (Yay!!) The characters look exactly the way I envision them as, and I don’t want to change a thing about them. The only chance I would give readers to change anything is to change the hair on occasions. (Kind of like hair+lipstick for female characters.)

My 2 main bois:

Now, the reason I’m asking forums about this, is because I know a lot of readers love customization and will go to the point of not reading a story entirely if it doesn’t have customization. I need people’s opinions on whether or not I should add customization. Do I really need it? :thinking:

(P.S, to be honest, I’ll probably not add customization in the end anyway. But I still want to know if most readers want customization.)


do NOT add customization. This is YOUR story, you don’t need it just because people aren’t reading stories with no customization. Tbh I don’t care if they don’t read a story with no CC that is soo tbh STUPID, but its their choice and decision to read a story with CC or NO CC at all. Do want YOU WANT. If you already vision your characters appearance, then LEAVE IT BE.


You don’t need to add costumization, I feel pretty much the same in wanting the characters to look like I envisioned them. As long as the character you play as isn’t supposed to be"myself" I don’t think it’s necessary.


I generally only want cc to “fix up” the characters’ faces if I really don’t like them, I’m a picky bih. I usually leave features like hair colour and skin colour alone in stories where I don’t get to choose the MC’s name. But your two MCs look fine, even if I had cc, I probably wouldn’t change them.

And even in stories that have no cc and I don’t like the MC’s face, it’s kinda whatever, I’ll keep reading.

You’re gonna get people in your fanmail up in arms like “wHy Is ThErE nO cC???” But remember that this app has lots of people on it. Some 18, some 13, and some who are breaking the rules and are even younger than 13. You can’t please everyone.

Any time I’m about to do something out of the ordinary in my story, I think to myself: “If something this minor is a deal-breaker for someone, is that person really mature enough to understand the rest of my story?”

My story has a few such things. The cover will be edited, not drawn by professionals. The graphics are hand-made and not mind-blowing. There’s no option to top up one’s points. But my story isn’t about art, it’s about complex philosophical and moral questions surrounding existence and consciousness. If someone drops it over art, they were probably missing the point in the first place. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Just judging by the cover, I’d imagine that your story is maybe about discovering oneself, maybe friendship blossoming to love, two people growing together and being there for each other… I imagine anyone who drops it over cc issues is going to miss the deeper human connections anyway. :woman_shrugging:


accurate and pretty much annoying.


You don’t need to add CC if you don’t want to, after all it’s your story and if you see characters that way then you shouldn’t change anything.


WhOa wHaT tHe-

Wow you pretty much hit my main topic right on the nose, my story definitely has deeper human connections and topics of mental health. Thanks to everyone who replied, I suppose it’s the readers’ loss if they choose customization over my story. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I wouldn’t add it, tbh. I think that people who drop stories because I dIdN’t GeT tO mAkE mY cHaRaCtErS are ridiculous. If a story is good, it’s good. I have actually dropped stories for being wayyyyyyyyyy too extra with the customizations. ( I don’t want to customize your fifth cousin, twice-removed on your mother’s side. I want to read the damn story!)

So, all in all, do what you feel is right! I agree with @Scarlet_Sapphire when she said:


Hello, would you like a r4r?
Also, it’s not absolutely necessary, but many ppl like CC

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Hey, I’m still barely started on my 1st episode, so no r4rs are possible for now. I can still try your story, but I’m going to be busy for a little while this weekend.

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oh, ok. I’d like if you did that! Hope your story will be everything you wanted and more :smiley:

if you don’t want to add CC, don’t!


Not to so sound dramatic but I can’t fully enjoy a story without CC, at least for the MCs
However since I recently started writing my first story I understand what it feels like when you have a precise physical description of a character in mind… it can be a little of a disappointment to consider that maybe not everyone will like the main characters as they initially look like.

I don’t know much about it, because I’m at the very beginning of my own story, but I think that a good author should be flexible. I think the way authors visualise their story can not be reduced to reduced to the physical aspect of a character. If anything, it should truly be a simple detail, because what makes your character « special » isn’t about a customization template. It’s about background, choices, narration, character development. When authors achieve to create a context, an environment which go beyond the plot (especially in romance where its often all about the mc and her love interest, like nothing else matters) I think that customization can help the readers to get fully invested in the story ? idk tell me abt it
(I’m sorry if I’m not being clear thats kinda hard to explain when english isnt your first language)


If you don’t want to add cc in, don’t. There are plenty of people who will still be happy to read it without. For sure you will get people who will come at you with “I was gonna read this story but there’s no cc so I won’t” and “you get more reads if we could change feature”, but it’s quite easy to ignore when you realise that the readers who are do this are ridiculous thinking they can taunt you like that and it will work. I feel like people are generally more accepting of ink stories not having cc(?) because compared to limelight there’s less available anyway. But if you really wanted to meet people half way, you could always charge gems for CC. That way you’re at least getting something out of it (closer to payments) and your stubborn readers who won’t give up on asking you for CC will have something new to complain about: gems :sunglasses:


lol yes gems r another thing lol


I agree with most people who replied. I’m not adding cc to my story. It isn’t published yet, but I know people will ask for it. In my opinion, cc isn’t the most important part of a story. My characters look a certain way and I don’t think they can be the same character if they look different. My characters aren’t you and I don’t want anyone to get that impression. No one can choose what they look like in real life. If a reader is too dense to see beneath appearances, I don’t want them reading my story anyway. It can be kinda fun sometimes and I know a lot of readers like it, but I can’t bring myself to think of my characters looking drastically different. I also have art scenes and covers and I want the characters to match them. I don’t think my characters are that ugly, so most people who want to read the story and get the message should be able to accept that. I feel less connected and like the character is more generic if there’s cc. I would read stories without cc and I completely get how you’re feeling! If you don’t want cc, don’t add it! Do whatever makes you happy, people can deal with it.


Personally I like stories without CC. But CC is just something authors add for fun to get readers to connect with the story… like they’re in it! But personally reading it without CC is more fun. Since i get to see how the author envisioned the original story and how it’ll play out in their own way.


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I woudn’t read a story without customization but GIRL IT’S YOUR STORY
Do whatever you want with it!


I’ve actually been a bit worried about this same issue writing my first story. It was based on my own life before marriage and didn’t have a place for a reader’s character. I forced myself to add scenarios where the reader would be included and ended up cutting out the entire thing because it didn’t make sense to me.

In the end its YOU trying to tell YOUR story which may be based off real life or fantasy. For it to be a story from the heart which doesn’t include a reader character forcing one literally throws off your entire rythem. So do what believe is best for your story, there will always be critics waiting on it whether it has cc or not.

I always believe that if the story line is great then cc is far from necessary! :grin::grin: