Opinions on “Do You Know Me” story

I just finished all of @wincyyellow ‘s story “Do You Know Me” and it’s amazing!!!
I’m such a huge fan of her work through “The Ruby Tiara” and I was obsessed with Do You Know Me.
Elizabeth/Liz was a fantastic main character.
So what did you think of the story?
Who did you choose?
What ending did you choose?

Like I said I loved the story.
I originally was choosing choices to lead up to a Jonathan romance but when Devin came back and apologized for everything that he had done wrong, I couldn’t resist and I ended up choosing Devin. He’s amazing.
The two endings were choosing whether to go with Devin to Princeton or stay with Devin at Lazio. I decided that Lazio had made Liz the person who she was at the end of the story and the friends that she made there were the best people who she should research for so I chose for Liz and Devin to stay at Lazio.
Very very happy with the story.

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OMG thank you :tulip:

My first story was full of mistakes haha. I am so happy you could overlook them and just focus on the story itself. It means the world to me.

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You are being way too hard on yourself. I didn’t see many mistakes at all. It was a great story. My only complaint? I didn’t want it to end :sob:. Honestly i’d so be up for a sequel of that story. The Lazio crew of Liz, Devin, Louisa, Jonathan, Cyrus & Natalie was a dream team. I’ll miss them

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