Opinions on euthanasia & assisted suicide?

Over this week 65% of forum users voted that gun ownership should maybe be legal depending on reasons & laws. Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion, here’s the link - Opinions on gun ownership?

This week I’m looking on opinions on euthanasia & assisted suicide. Again this is a sensitive topic, so please be respectful.

Do you think euthanasia & assisted suicide should be legal?

Is it legal where you are?

  • Yes, I think assisted suicide should be legal.
  • No, I think assisted suicide should be illegal.
  • Maybe, depending on the circumstances.

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At it again with the controversial topics, Lilly :rofl:

It’s illegal where I am… But oddly enough will be legal in one of our states (Victoria) in mid 2019 :thinking:

I don’t really have a very good explanation as to why I think it should be legal other than I’m pretty sure that if I’m not murdered beforehand, this is the way I’d like to go and it’s going to be painfully hard for me to do that while it’s illegal… And I don’t want to die in Victoria :slightly_frowning_face:


Controversial but important! :wink:

Do you think it should be legal for everyone? Or just people who are maybe terminally ill or very elderly?

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I actually think I’d like it to be legal for everyone… But maybe with like an age cap? Like how you can’t drink alcohol until you’re a certain age or get a tattoo until your a certain age :woman_shrugging:

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There must be a certain medical condition. If someone is living in constant pain, and can’t be helped/or barely can be helped to manage the pain - he/she have a right to get assisted suicide. For certain vegetative condition - as well.
I would made this function a government concern, if it’s about babies, and ones who can’t decide for themselves, and are living in pain without a chance for recovery.


I briefly tried to commit suicide by not breathing. However, the reflex to breathe was too strong - Prof. Stephen Hawking.

Ironically, Prof. Hawking changed his opinion and is backing assisted suicides recently. I’m not happy with his decision. What I’m worried most is the wrong signal we send to the society: depressed teenagers and people suffering from mid-life crisis may end their lives if we deliberately supported assisted suicides. Yes, I’m being optimistic and also stupid, I can’t help it.

When there’s life, there’s hope. I can’t think otherwise.

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Man I have no clue where to begin on this topic. But I’d say it depends on the circumstances.

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As someome training in the medical field, one of the most important principles is for the patient to have a choice. A choice on whether they’d like treatment or not. A choice on whether they’d like to stay on life support if they go into a vegetative state or to just cut it off. Everything is their choice, but it also has to be within reason. For example, a patient can reject to take a certain medication, but the physician or nurse will still explain the risks of ignoring the treatment. I think assisted suicide should be legal, BUT there needs to be rules and regulations like every other law involving medicine.


I think assisted suicides should only be legal for much older generations or in cases of sever medical conditions.
Absolutely not teens… As someone who struggles with depression, that terrifies me that a young person would want it before they have even begun their life…
And I don’t want to sound like one of those old people who give advice, but I knew nothing as a teenager, I would’ve gone through with it in a heartbeat without considering my loved ones and the potential I had.

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I mean… That’s how Michael Jackson died.

I think depending on the circumstances. I remember once I watched a Grey’s Anatomy episode where a girl with a medical disease wants to do assisted suicide. I was spectacle & didn’t like the idea at first. However, I realized that if people are in so much pain and there’s no treatment or something that can help them feel better, they should do it, if they like.


Huh…I actually don’t have an opinion on this. X’DDD

I suppose…if I don’t care either way, it should be legal, kinda? I mean, I don’t want to have any voice in a subject like this. I usually wouldn’t reply if I had no opinion, but I’m actually surprised at myself that I really don’t have an opinion on this either way. I suppose…really, if you want to die, you should have the right to, maybe? Think that’s where I’m at.


I spat out my milo :joy:

But on a serious note:
I think it should be legal. The patient should always have the choice in the matter, and it should always be the last resort. In my opinion: If the patient is going to die anyway with no hope of recovery, I don’t want them to suffer any longer.


Was hoping someone would get that :smiley:

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I do agree that we should be hopeful, as depression and mid-life crises don’t always last forever. However, some situations such as old age and terminal illness can be unavoidable and may mean that people may want to end their suffering. I think there should be an age cap, or if a illness is terminal.


Shameless bump

  1. yeah they should be legal in my opinion
  2. yes it’s legal where I am and I think it’s a good thing.
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Why do you think it should be legal? Where is it that you are that it is? (If you don’t mind telling, don’t feel pressured.)

I say it should be legal if you have a terminal illness or are extreamly old like that one guy that was over 90 I belive and went to Poland to die. Having the chance to die on your own terms when you are that old or that sick is the least people could let them do.


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