Opinions on evil characters


Everything changes people, whether it’s an illness or a loss of a loved one, everything changes people. That includes the characters we write too.

Let’s say that you found the killer of your family. What would you, simply forgive them? Do you think that would be an option? Or would you let the monster in you out?

The point is, we need to stop hating on characters for doing their thing. Also, stop on hating real people too. Everybody should be able to live their like the way they want, unless they are harming anyone.


I agree…
If I were to find that my family is killed by the person that is just a step ahead of me…
Of course I won’t stop my steps reach to it…
I can’t just let the person that killed my family go that easily…
But yeah I won’t do something that I will probably regret later I won’t kill the person that killed my family otherwise what’s the difference between both of us…huh??
He killed my family and I killed him…
What did I get??
Did I get my family back after that??
No, but the regret that will creep onto you after doing something like that won’t let you have peace, won’t let you have a happy life…
It will leave a patch in your heart that is slowly spreading through your entire body enveloping you…
But yeah I won’t say it really is a bad thing though…
Its upto the reader that how he/she will take it…
But for me it really doesn’t matter its good as the story is about it…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
Sorry for the long reply…


Hmm, I guess I occasionally get irritated when a character is evil because of a dark past, but I also see it as a dark past can be used in the opposite direction like - batman’s past.

Evil Villain : Parents were killed infront of him, wants to make everyone suffer.
Good Hero : Parents were killed infront of him, wants to make sure no one else suffers.


I hate good heroes, team anti-hero :smiling_imp:




Well I will go with neutral ones that are nor bad nor good but are people that act according to the circumstances…


Lil bump and what are your opinions on character developments that makes the character cruel?


This reminds me of Deadpool and I love it :joy: I agree fully, good heroes (usually ‘superheroes’) can sometimes be cringey


To be honest, I quite like evil characters if they add to the story and the author doesn’t make me hate them. I would like to relate to them a bit and/or see the backstory that made them like that, but sometimes the backstory doesn’t make sense so it would have to be written well. I want to be able to like an evil character, but know that I shouldn’t like them (if that makes sense). :joy::smile:


A cold, brutal world can turn anyone in to evil, so… backstory for all of them would be the same in my case (it’s an apocalypse story and there wont be too many evil people!)


I don’t mind evil characters in stories, if executed well. In my eyes, an action/superhero story is only as good as it’s villain. If your story contains a villain, it has to be a truly immersive villain, that no matter how much you disagree with their actions; they are interesting when on screen.
I feel like villains can be divided into two main categories:
(note: I am only discussing villain, villains. not just antagonizing characters)
Psychopaths and Sociopaths — For example, Voldemort from the Harry Potter series safely fits into this category. He was born without a sense of love for others, and is void of all emotion. This, turned him into the villain he was in the series. Of course there’s a lot I’m leaving out here, about this particular antagonist, but that’s a basic summary as to why he is an antagonistic person. Now, as I see you’re a fan on TWD (can’t lie, I am too :sweat_smile:), I’ll use some examples from that show. Let’s say… the Governor. Now, just some quick background for my next point — though sociopaths & psychopaths share many of the same traits, such a failure to feel remorse or guilt, they are different. Psychopaths are generally formed by genetics, therefore, are mostly born with a lack of emotions, remorse or guilt for others. However sociopaths are often made from their enviornment. Meaning, that unlike psychopaths, they are mostly not born that way. Now, just what I’ve seen from TWD, I think the Governor fits into the psychopath category, better than other villains in the show. I feel like in the enviornment that the show takes place in, sociopaths would be more likely to show emotion than psychopaths. For example, a lot of the villains in the show (ex. Negan, Gareth, etc), are implyed to have been more humane before the events of the show, before changing with the enviornment, into more savage, remorseless people. However, even after this transition, people such as Negan, have shown signs of sympathy for others, and guilt for their actions throughout the show. While characters like the Governor fit into the category of “if you don’t pull the trigger first, he will”.
Overall, I think the best way to make an interesting villain in a story, is to make that villain have backstory. Explain why they are how they are (you can be light on the details, but at least mention something in relation to their goal, and why they are the way they are). And most importantly, the villain needs to be intimidating. As much as they can be, at least. Rather, it’s because they have a large army, are immensely powerful, or are void of guilt or remorse. Intimidating villains are always the most memorable, in my opinion.

Wow, I wrote quite a bit :sweat_smile:
But, I hope this helped :slightly_smiling_face:



One of my favourite authors Tennessee Williams said when he interviewed himself (ikr) “I’ve never met one that I couldn’t love if I knew him and completely understood him.” He also said he didn’t believe in villains or heroes just the right or wrong ways individuals have taken. I agree with you, I like when you can see the reasons why a character has become evil.

There’s no point in having a character be bad for the sake of being bad, but understanding the reasons why they are like that is a great part of the story. Everyone does things for a reason, what the MC sees as evil may be what the villian sees as justice. E.g. In OUAT Regina tries to destroy Snow White because it was partly her fault Regina’s true love died. This was justice for her, but came across as evil.


Thank you for the education! This means a lot! I will keep these in my mind!



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