Opinions on It Starts With A Bra?


I’ve seen so much hate on the story It Starts With A Bra because it “promotes sexual abuse”

He snuck into her house, okay that’s weird fair enough, but he only did it to start a prank war, which most of the story was based on but you also got to see why Alec is a bad boy, and if y’all really don’t wanna see shit like that then don’t read it, no one’s forcing you. No arguments on this thread please, it’s merely for opinion sharing.

No insulting others
Harsh language is fine as long as it’s not to hurt someone else.


Well, breaking into someone’s house isn’t just weird. It’s a crime. And not only does the ‘LI’ break in MC’s bedroom he/she also steals her undergarments. I don’t care what ‘prank war’ is happening, breaking into someone’s house and stealing their underwear is illegal (and should not be romanticized). Also, please do not use the word “triggered” so casually. The use of the word is used for diseases such as mental illness. It’s when a certain image, video, etc. triggers an unpleasant experience. Like, would YOU be okay with someone breaking into your room to steal your bra? Would YOU be okay with them still breaking into your house then hanging your undergarnments at the flagpole at YOUR school?


I mean, I didn’t read it, nor do I plan to, but I get the hate.

Breaking into a girls room and rummaging through her underwear isn’t really something i would call a prank. I can see why someone would call it sexual harassment.

I think being critical of media is fine. What’s the point of consuming media if you aren’t going to critically think about it?

I mean it’s cool if you like it, I’m not hating, but I also think it’s pretty valid to point out problematic elements. It’s a story, so it isn’t immune to criticism.


I get that, but at the end of the day, it’s just a story, maybe they should have a warning that says it doesn’t condone this type of ‘prank’, but the description tells you what it’s about, it’s the same with 13 Reasons Why, people hate on it for ‘triggering subjects’ but y’all know what’s coming, so don’t watch it if y’all gon get triggered smh.

Not tryna start an argument here lmao js


It needs to be directly stated tht its a prank war instead of oh sneak in take bra and harass her. Idk seems more fun on his end than hers she never gets back at i him in this “prank war” and the pranks arent funny they seem like sexual harassment


I mean that’s fair but also stuff like this doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

If they like this app & want it to succeed, it makes sense people would be vocal about content they dislike to discourage that kinda stuff from being replicated.

I don’t think you’re arguing, it’s just a discussion thread lol. :v:


If you’re not trying to start an argument don’t tell us how we can view a story. This story definitely promotes sexual abuse as the supposed love interest in constantly naked in the story, breaks into the MC’s house twice (which is a crime), steals her underwear, puts it on a flag pole and then kisses her while naked. There’s something seriously wrong with that and if you don’t see that, ok, but don’t tell others how to feel. It’s not exactly a 10 years olds decision to react badly to ISWAB because their minds aren’t fully developed, they shouldn’t even be reading episode, let alone learning about sex and breaking into people’s homes on episode.

Edited to add: How do I know I don’t like it, if I don’t read it?


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new …In My Bed!!! story. Same sentiments, or no? If I don’t like murder in cold blood just as I didn’t enjoy It Starts w/ A Bra for what it is, then I should just ignore rather than comment on it?

God forbid anybody get triggered on “just a story” right?

Continuous and nonsensical hate is one thing, but I think people are allowed to express their dislike, just as you can give your opinion on that without being ridiculed.

The “don’t like it, don’t read it” is rather overdone, but to each their own I guess. :woman_shrugging:


It’s a poorly written episode story that’s a complete ripoff of a wattpad story and like the other wattpad ripoffs completely over sexualised and poorly written.

What’s annoying about that once again episode breaks their own guidelines.


The desc literally says “On a dare, your sexy neighbour takes your bra and you go on a war path to get it back” So it does clearly tell us about the 'sexual harassment so people should be prepared if they continue to read it.

If they do decide to read it, they’ve decided to trigger themselves. And I agree, @ameerah, 10 year olds shouldn’t be reading Episode, but Episode tells people that the app is 13+. There are warnings and whoever decides to read it from then on has made that decision for themselves, and I know people are allowed to dislike it but some people start hating on the whole app which isn’t right


If y’all are gonna be starting beef with me then don’t bother cuz that’s not why I started this thread


I honestly feel that it starts with a bra isn’t as bad as in my bed


Yeah it isn’t


I get that it starts with a bra was a little odd and kinda stepped out of our comfort zone. But in my bed went way out.


Yeah, even I thought IMB was too much lol


Imma still read it tho coz so far it looks funny


It says “take your bra” not " break into your house"

People are hating on the app because episode the company has decided to release this story and keep it up despite many people not liking it. Them included sexual harassment goes against their guidelines.

If people have decided to no longer support the app that is their decision.


Anyways I get where you are feeling at.


Exactly. If you read the discussion threads of ISWAB and IMB, you’d see that people aren’t hating on the app. We’re criticizing the company. They continuously write and promote stories that break their OWN guidelines.


Hold the Phone If YOu Didnt Want Drama Then Why Start The Thread? This Is A Bad Story Cause Of The Type Of Sexual Content That The Viewers Can See This Triggered My Deppression If YOu Cant See The Bad in It Then Why Bother Talk About It?