Opinions on It Starts With A Bra?


Yeah, but there are impressionable 13 year olds reading and can see the use of tobacco and might want to try it for themselves.

In my opinion, I don’t like the use of tobacco, but if you’re old enough and you use tobacco, that’s fine with me, it’s your life.


There could be a parental lock. My children are too young to understand so we don’t use it yet


i think that’s the best choice


I don’t know… it’s kinda cliche. Episode has done romance stories… and it’s getting boring.


This just happened on my account. When I was bored and was looking into the story again, there was this notification that my progress was moot, because I actually didn’t complete Chapter 3 or something so I have to start over from 4. Luckily, I got like at least 12 tickets. Has anyone got something like this?


its the best story in the app




I hope you’re joking.