Opinions on Limelight & Episode's future destination?


Apologies if this is in the wrong category, still getting used to the new forums!

I recently got back into Episode and realised that the Limelight style has now fully bloomed and available - but I still hate it.

I hated it when Episode announced they were working on it because the art style doesn’t look… normal. No hate to the people who do like the style though - it’s just I won’t read stories who have that style unless it’s a really good story.

However, when INK came out I also hated it. Aha, I was still attached to the classic style which honestly I don’t really like as much anymore but the hairs were really decent. But anyway, I was hoping to come across your thoughts on the whole art style? Like INK was only out for what, a year or two before they announced Limelight? It’s like they’re just throwing it away already!

To be honest, I think the main thing that really bothers me about Limelight is how slow some of the animations are and I really dislike the look of the clothing and the way it’s been shaded to look more realistic. The eyes are also too small - I tried creating a male character but it ended up looking like Freddie from iCarly! :joy:

Do you think INK will die out eventually? I think some of the greatest stories come from the INK and Classic styles so I hope Episode won’t forget about them…

Once again, I’ve been living under a rock for a while and there’s probably been a ton of these threads but I just wanted your opinion on Limelight - and the direction Episode is going in general.

~ Pixique

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I quite like limelight to be honest, in the writing part of it the limelight animations are a whole lot easier to get your head around. Although, I like ink’s clothing better. It’s a hard one. I didn’t like limelight at first when I saw it in the Clueless stories and PLL, I thought it looked really strange. Then again once I started reading some user stories the style kind of grew on me. You just have to open up and accept the style - if that actually makes sense lol - to actually begin to like it. I hope that Ink and Limelight stay the main styles, as I like them both equally. When I first came to episode Ink was just coming out with the Mean Girls stories and that was my favourite, I read a few classic ones but the faces looked a bit funny to me; however, the hair was great.

It’s all a matter of opinion, I’d like Episode to keep releasing stories in all styles so none will be forgotten.

As for the way Episode is going in general I think it’s alright, there seem to be too many bad boy stories and teacher/student relationships, it’s getting a bit boring and cliche. It’d be nice to see some other stories other than romance being featured e.g. comedies or thrillers. It’d also be nice to see some more original ideas like maybe stories about families/friendships/LGBTQ+/reality.

Congrats to everyone who read this far lol and I don’t mean to offend anyone this is just my opinion.


I agree and I will definitely open my mind a bit and see if it’ll grow on me and I agree there are a lot of cliches on Episode nowadays. I’m currently working on a story about friendship so I’m hoping to release it within this week aha!

Thanks for your input. :heart:

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Awesome I’d love to read it, let me know when it’s released!

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Will do!


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Awesome do you have an IG account?

I like limelight. It was laggy at first, but I’m getting the hang of it. The next few stories I’m aiming to publish will be in ink, though.

Not yet, but I will make one hopefully tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Ah, yeah! My story is going to be in INK but maybe in the future I’ll make a story in Limelight.

I know they are definitely supporting LL more because they gave more clothing and prop options there. I also heard they are only adding to ink whatever they had but didn’t already release. LL has some good points but until they fix the appearances of the men, I won’t consider it.

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I really hope INK won’t die out! Cause a lot of good stories are written in INK, and I just like that style a lot more.

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Me too!!!

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