Opinions on limited CC?

Now usually I don’t make posts like this but I just saw a story that looked really interesting but completely ruined my want to go on episode because it had limited CC.

I had limited hair, no skin color change, limited eyebrows (ITS EYEBROWS!!!), limited eyes, limited hair color, and limited face shape, oh and don’t forget the lips!!) If you add limited CC where the reader is completely locked down when it comes to customization literally just make it so the character can’t be customized at all.
It’s so annoying since I prefer to play as myself or a character similar to the character I create in other stories. I add limited CC to my stories but it’s incredibly mild like hair color that can be changed further into the story.

What are your opinions on this?

Do you like full CC, limited CC, or no CC at all to keep the story the way the author intended it to be?


Limited CC has no use to me. It’s either no CC or full CC (preferred) for me :slight_smile:


I’m honestly not a huge fan of CC like if it gives me a character with a name that has been used by the author I usually just use that because it helps me feel more immersed in the story as if I was actually reading a book and it also helps me differentiate and remember the different stories I’m reading (because sometimes I get them mixed up lol) but if it specially asks for my name saying like ‘this is you’ then I will customise but all in all I like playing as different characters so limited CC doesn’t really make a difference to me because I wouldn’t customise the character anyway… maybe I’m just strange like that but idk :woman_shrugging:


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I think that for the authors, limited CC allows them to make sure that the characters they created keep a some of their original features in the story in case they decide to use descriptive narration or art scenes etc. I understand that it may be a key part of the story.

However, from a reader perspective I feel that if you want your readers to have the best experience you should allow them to fully customize the characters. Readers should feel like they are somewhat in the story that they are playing. :woman_shrugging:

What do you think? :thinking:


I’m sometimes like that too. But that’s usually when I want to play as myself on a story, sometimes I don’t mind limited CC bc my mood is pretty good atm.

It depends on my mood, but if it’s a good story, I’ll let it slide.

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I never really understood the use for limited/no CC… Although, in my story I have limited CC in the first episode (you only can’t change hair/brow shape since it impacts the story, but you can change everything else) you later get complete CC in episode 2.
I do think that authors are entitled to leave the characters as they envision them, but as a fellow author, I’ve never understood why some don’t add any form of CC. :sweat_smile:
So honestly- I have mixed feelings about this. :joy:


honestly, i don’t mind limited CC at all because some authors use limb overlays in their story so they limit the skin tone and the same goes for hair, eyes & eyebrows color.

I read a lot of stories that contained limited CC because the characters’ background & ethnicity is important for the plot and I love to see more POC and Black characters in our community!

Sometimes I don’t customize the characters because I feel like they are already perfect.

Having CC, limited, or none at all doesn’t matter to me as long as I enjoy reading the story and it’s my favorite!


First of all that is some CRAZY limited CC :sob:🥲

And I do understand why some authors use limited CC, due to wanting to put readers in the characters shoes, or sometimes for cultural context of the whole story like skin colour I understand or perhaps eye colour if it’s for a reason. But not THAT limited! :rofl:

-I also understand why people like full CC but having small limits should be fine for all readers to be honest.

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i relate to this, or i’m too lazy to customize them myself :rofl:


I don’t mind, honestly. But give me a reason why you’re doing this.
I don’t mind if you’re saying you wish the readers to read the characters how you envision them, it’s still fine by me (though I’ll be quite bummed because I prefer to customize the characters into the looks I’m familiar with), but for me, it’s quite unacceptable that there’s limited cc just for… Nothing but a mere excuse.
e.g. You’re writing a fantasy story in which your character switches eye color from time to time. Because of that, you want to ease the codings a bit and lock the eye color part. Fine by me because it wouldn’t make sense any other way. But if there’s nothing that requires limited cc for… You’re just being a d*uche and I despise that.
Plus, to limit cc, you’ll have to modify the codings. The more you limit, the more technical issues you’ll bump into and it takes a heck ton of time (in comparison with the codings you’re doing for your story) and it’s inefficient.
Conclusion: I don’t mind, but if it doesn’t matter just include the full version. It benefits everyone (or just doesn’t allow cc at all).

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While I usually prefer full CC, I don’t mind, and even understand limited CC. For some authors (like me), they made their characters perfect and love their appearance so much, that they may not want their own creations to be heavily altered, so I get it.

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