Opinions on limited cc

pretty self explanatory.
i’m in the process of making a story, and i’ve created a cc template where i’ve added the option to customize everything, however hair color, skin tone and eyebrow color are limited. you can still customize these, but they’ll be limited to darker colors.

i’m doing this because i wanted the reader to get an option to customize the mc, even though the mc is not the reader. so they can, but with some limitations. this is because my story will be more similar to a book, where you’re following the mc instead of being her.

i’d be happy to get some opinions on this <3


Personally I don’t really mind. One thing that does lowkey tick me off is when they limit hairstyles (not color) for no reason :frowning:

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okay, thank u !! the hairstyles are 100% available, so that’s not a problem hehe

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yay :DD!! good luck on ur story!!

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I dont care, I never CC,


personally I dont mind whether there is cc or not, but when there is cc, I actually find it interesting when certain things are limited because I know it’s for a reason.

good luck!!

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I love the idea of limiting eyebrow color. It’s always…interesting…when you can’t change the MC’s complexion, but you can give them hot pink eyebrows :crazy_face:

Referencing my own story sksksk

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oh, yeah.
i should also mention that another big reason i don’t allow hair color / eyebrow color customization, is because it simply wouldn’t make sense for the mc as she never dyed her hair (or somehow has parents with pink hair)

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That makes sense. As someone who sometimes gives my characters dyed hair, it can be entertaining when the parent’s hair turns out to be aqua green or something. Maybe they run a family hair dye business (/j)?

If anyone customizes Zedyn with goofy eyebrows, I would love screenshots :skull:

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I personally don’t usually mind if CC is limited… unless the default version of the MC and LI look as basic as all can be, That’s when I want to customize. But if the default MC has a unique look to them (and not just one physical feature), that’s when I don’t mind limited CC.

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