Opinions on limited skin tones

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I’m writing a new story and for the customization I’m not going to let the reader change the main characters skin tone. I’m doing this because the MC has lived in Italy for generations and I also have found too hard to change the families skin tones along with the MC’s without it looking wrong. I just want to make sure that this is ok and if anyone think that this is wrong please could you let me know.

MC's skintone

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It’s your story! Write it however you’d like! :slight_smile:


Please keep her the way she is, Do not include character customization, if you do just have us like eye color, lips, and hair color because there is little to none diversity in stories and having your character will be diverse <3

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Thanks x

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That’s very true, I might do that x

Ofc no problem, tell me when the stories released

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I’m adding limited cc to my story but I’m not letting the reader change certain features and skin/eye colors due to their race. That way I’m trying to appease to readers that want to costumize without the characters turning into totally different looking people.
I think that is totally fine and how it should be, I’m not going to give people the option to turn a character white when they are supposed to be african american.

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I love the idea of having diverse stories on Episode, I think it’s really important for people (especially younger girls!) to see themselves in media, whether it’s a TV show, or a game like Episode lol.

Personally, I probably wouldn’t read a story that didn’t have full CC, because I like having “myself” in the stories and all that.

But of course! Nonetheless, it’s your story and I give you MAJOR props for having a POC main character for representation, and choosing to keep it that way with limited CC! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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